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ShuaibyFedora icon.png (powerword: Shuaib Aslam) was an 18-year-old spic gay furry weeb, and active /r9k/ poster, who surrounded himself with anime figurines and whose bedroom wall was littered with anime posters. His death began the catalyst for #bussygate.

In March of 2018, he livestreamed himself becoming an hero via shotgun-mouthwash. The video, simply titled 'Hey,' has since been removed from YouTube, but has been saved and shared around the Internet.

Some say that Shuaiby shot and killed himself on the day of the national school walkout for gun control to show his support. Others say he was a victim of Reiko.

What have I missed?
Valerie Plame
2 days ago
4 days ago
Derek Savage
6 days ago
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Someone comes to EDF to try to get us to troll someone. Predictably, we prefer to troll him.

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