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Harvey Weinstein is a fat, ugly, lecherous Jew who raped his way through Hollywood's entire directory of female actors for decades - and no-one said anything because (a) he had the power to end anyone's career with a click of his greasy fingers and (b) no-one gave a shit, because producers and their casting-couch techniques have been known about since like fucking forever. (Also, women are whores anyway.)

The thing is, the old media are being strung along by the powerful Hollywood Jews who have thrown Weinstein to the wolves because he no longer brings home the shekels like he used to. Weinstein's disgrace punishes him, and acts as a warning to any other Hollywood Jews who might be slacking off a bit.

Remember how neither Woody Allen nor Roman Polanski got shitcanned for their rapey pedo inclinations? How they in fact carried on making movies for years and years? Weinstein is the patsy. His crimes were just the tip of a very nasty Goldberg.

What have I missed?
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DeAndre Harris
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Rick and Morty
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