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Article of the Now

Alex Mauer (Full name: Alexander Thomas Mauer), is a chiptune musician known for making the soundtrack for many different video games. But then, everything changed when transgenderism attacked. Last Thursday, Mauer went from being a chiptune musician, to one of the Internet's biggest lolcows overnight.

Amongst his many delusions Alex believes himself to be beautiful woman trapped in the body of a stubby fur matted Jell-O troll with virginal rage. In reality he's a self-hating homo who just can't accept that he likes a pos load in his tubby rectum. Pretending he's really a woman is his way of bypassing his butt bumping phobia and staying safely in the closet. Where he pleasures himself to pecker porn whilst fondling his hairy, hormone grown, lopsided lard swells; dressed up like a frumpy lesbian wearing a greasy wig and cheap lipstick.

In his free time Alex enjoys sending out hundreds of fraudulent DMCA takedowns, making death threats, threatening to kill himself, violently attacking people at a women's rape center, threatening to cut off his balls/penis, harassing judges, breaking court orders, wasting countless thousands of dollars in tax payer funds... well, you get the idea. Alex is basically a horrible blight upon society and if he ever actually did kill himself it would be a glorious gift to humanity as a whole.

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I had no idea Disney was brainwashing our young girls into toxic notions of female entitlement and privilege. I welcome this purge of enlightenment ideals and a return to more puritan times whereby the Hijab encapsulates all that is meant by feminism.


Disney has a bad case of toxic femininity.