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James Alex Fields, Jr. is an innocent 20-year-old Jew from Ohio whose life was flipped turned upside down on August 12th, 2017, when he was visiting Charlottesville, Virginia, and his car was suddenly swarmed by a vicious pack of armed Antifags. Realizing that he was about to have his ride stolen and then be brutally scalped just for being white, James made the fateful decision to put the pedal to the metal and ram his Dodge Challenger through a crowd of buttmad "progressive" liberal retards that were blocking the street.

Believing that they were the ones that were being attacked, the angry mob of Antifa monkeys then jumped on the back of James' car and began smashing his rear windshield with metal baseball bats. Unfortunately for them, James quickly threw his car into reverse and ran the fuck over them before they could publically lynch him.

When the dust finally settled and the Antifa bodies hit the floor, 19 were injured and one was dead – a morbidly obese 32-year-old white whale and fellow Bernie Sanders supporter named Heather Heyer who was just too fucking fat to Dodge the Challenger. James Fields was then arrested and charged with second degree murder because he accidentally killed a fat girl while trying to avoid being brutally murdered by pissed off gay negroes who were armed with metal fucking baseball bats.

Before the facts of the incident were even known, the Fake News Old Media had already begun blaming President Donald J. Trump for somehow causing the crash and were attempting to paint James Fields as a "White Supremacist Nazi Terrorist" despite the fact that they didn't even know his fucking name yet.

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