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Article of the Now
Bill Nye

William Sanford Nye, more commonly known as Bill Nye the Ultra-Authoritarian Science Denial Guy (born November 25, 1955), is a professional Abe Lincoln lookalike who somehow managed to get lucky and landed his very own educational show on PBS in the mid-1990s – which is where you probably remember him from. Despite playing a "scientist" on television for half a decade, Bill Nye is still a complete fucking idiot and has only just recently been resurrected by the evil-doers at Netflix after spending 20-years in cryo-stasis next to Walt Disney's frozen head and The Backstreet Boys.

Following his revival, Bill Nye decided that he would attempt to save the world from Donald Trump by constantly whining about global warming, denying the scientific fact that chromosomes determine sex and actually suggesting that the United States adopt China's one-child policy in an attempt to curb carbon emissions.

What have I missed?
Joss Whedon
2 days ago
4 days ago
Steve Stephens
6 days ago
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Quote of the Now
Maybe they want to forget their history. Maybe they can. Maybe we can't. Maybe we're walking with it every day. Maybe we're still going through the trauma. It's real for us.


—Some negress making shit up about the renaming of a fucking arts center
which was built 150 years after the death of the man it was named for
and at least 100 years before she was born,
apparently not expecting anyone to notice that
(a) she's blaming white people for the decision to rename it
(b) she's claiming that it won't help anyway

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