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Xenophilia or Xenuphilia, is a branch of furfaggotry describing faggots who want to fuck aliens. This form of cancer has actually existed long before the internet, as can be evidenced by stories of hicks claiming to have been abducted and got alien technology up their asses by alien chicks. One would imagine that it can't get worse than that, but it sure as hell does. Sick fucks on websites such as deviantART are allowed to live their fantasies to the fullest extents possible, and alien-fuckers are no exception. While there are no websites specifically devoted to xenophile scum, you can find their content on just about any furry and/or paheal site.

What have I missed?
Brenton Tarrant
2 days ago
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6 days ago

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Lolgo.png Youtube hates retards

Jewtube retards destroy a channel dedicated to reading children's stories to actual retards.

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