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Linkin Park

Linkin Park is a shitty band that is known for having the most headache-inducing, screaming, angst-filled lyrics in history. This constant, pointless fake-rage makes them immensely popular with the current generation of depressed non-conforming spoiled teenagers living in the suburbs that think their lives are hard. They are known throughout the internets by being on nearly every LiveJournal post (under "listening to") and being the soundtrack to EVERY SINGLE AMV on YouTube. There is a rumor that they were once a decent band, back when they weren't fucking capitalist pop stars. Instead, they were broke guys who made demo tapes in Shinoda's mom's bedroom who called themselves Xero. Some argue that they are pioneers of rap-metal but it is a known fact that Rage Against The Machine has done it long ago, and Faith No More did it before them with the song "Epic," proving that Linkin Park are in fact posers. Members include a skinhead, a wigger, a gook as a DJ, two Jews and a douchebag. Well at least they don't have double jewish rappers like Crazy Town.

Oh yeah and last night or two the squeaky voiced emo git of a singer finally killed himself.

What have I missed?
Devon Tracey
2 days ago
4 days ago
Lazy Town
6 days ago

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Just a regular day in San Francisco

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Look at your fucking head you look like a used tampon!


—Yucko The Clown on red dyed feminists

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