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DaddyOFive (Michael Christopher Martin) is a proud example as to why you wear condoms, or at least learn to smack the shit out of your ungrateful kids, something they don't teach you in parenting classes. He is your typical unfunny prank YouTuber who makes videos of pranking/bullying/abusing his kids, in revenge for being the 34 year old manchild that he is. Way before he made his YouTube channel, he met a whale and it was love at first site for the two. So he kidnapped the whale, married her and made 5 stupid and spoiled children with her, two of them he stole from his sister and are the only gingerheads in the family. Thus, eventually creating the channel we all know and love today. All he wanted was that sweet sweet ad revenue that every "popular" YouTuber wants, so why not film your entire family fucking each other up in exchange for getting large amounts of free money, being scolded by strangers on the Internet for abusing your children, and not having to work a entire day in your life?

What have I missed?
Steve Stephens
2 days ago
4 days ago
Battle of Berkeley
6 days ago
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POL is gay.jpg
Everyone who uses /pol/ is gay
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The conditions in which migrants are currently living in some European countries may well be difficult [...] but concentration camps they certainly are not.

The Nazis and their allies erected and used concentration camps for slave labor and the extermination of millions of people during World War II. There is no comparison to the magnitude of that tragedy


Some Jew scolds the fucking Pope for using the words "concentration camp" without ZOG approval

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