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Attack On Titan

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Attack on Titan, also known as Stop Fucking Crying, is an extremely cheesy, melodramatic and overhyped Japanese show, in which nearly everything dies before the viewer can figure out what the fuck is going on. Essentially the Game of Thrones of anime (HA HA HA OH WOW) the plot mainly revolves around people frenetically crying and shouting incoherently at each other literally non-stop. The tear to frame ratio is a million to half a frame. The protagonist is a wimpy loser virgin, so the viewer can more easily insert himself into the character. While the manga looks like it was drawn by a dyslexic suffering from muscular dystrophy, using his dick for a pencil, the anime shares the same shitty CGI animation with the the Berserk: Golden Age Arc film series another shitty Japanese show that no one heard of, giving the anime show movie animation quality it doesn't fucking deserve. Every episode consists of consecutive scenes of people struggling with their shit that only you can relate to and ends with a cliffhanger, because when you're watching a show you always want to be reminded how much life sucks, that is pretty much compulsory. Despite the rumors that this anime was inspired by a viking myth, it really doesn't show any pillaging or raepfests, excluding the fanfic.


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The gaming industry also has too many cis straight white dudes, and we could use more people who AREN'T that of that description, so if you're inclined at all, please apply!


Twitter-favicon.png White dude Lee Sharpe of Magic The Gathering on Twitter, breaking the rules for discrimination and being a white male ally.

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