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(The story of Montagraph)
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==The story of Montagraph==
==The story of Montagraph==
Montagraph 'AKA - Dale Ellis Bennett' is the second most [[Retard|mentally challenged]] [[Conspiracy_theorists|conspiracy theorist]] online, second of course to [[VonHelton|VonHelton]]. This idiot likes to present his videos as [[Fact|speculation]] these range from [[Jews_did_WTC|9/11]] to [[armageddon|the end of the world scenarios]]. Like a true [[YouTube|JewTube]] [[Conspiracy_theorists|conspiracy theorist]] he attempts to cash in on views - A classic [[attention whore]] to the bone. Also Montagraph likes too claim he is a [[Matrix|'ghost in the machine' (like Neo or someshit)]] and that no can identify him and that he is an [[Hackers|elite h4X0r]].
Montagraph 'AKA - Dale Ellis Bennett' is the second most [[Retard|mentally challenged]] [[Conspiracy_theorists|conspiratard]] on the internets, second of course to [[VonHelton|VonHelton]]. This idiot likes to present his videos as [[Fact|speculation]] these range from [[Jews_did_WTC|9/11]] to [[armageddon|the end of the world scenarios]]. Like a true [[YouTube|JewTube]] [[Conspiracy_theorists|conspiracy theorist]] he attempts to cash in on views - A classic [[attention whore]] to the bone. Also Montagraph likes too claim he is a [[Matrix|'ghost in the machine' (like Neo or someshit)]] and that no can identify him and that he is an [[Hackers|elite h4X0r]].
He did find fame on YouTube as a [[shit|shit eating,]] [[Trap|cross dressing drama whore]] .  
He did find fame on YouTube as a [[shit|shit eating,]] [[Trap|cross dressing drama whore]] .  

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The story of Montagraph

Montagraph 'AKA - Dale Ellis Bennett' is the second most mentally challenged conspiratard on the internets, second of course to VonHelton. This idiot likes to present his videos as speculation these range from 9/11 to the end of the world scenarios. Like a true JewTube conspiracy theorist he attempts to cash in on views - A classic attention whore to the bone. Also Montagraph likes too claim he is a 'ghost in the machine' (like Neo or someshit) and that no can identify him and that he is an elite h4X0r.

He did find fame on YouTube as a shit eating, cross dressing drama whore .

Monty eating shit - the source of his first drama whore orgasm

Sometime in 2011, Monty decided too make up multiple sock puppet accounts and he stalked various people on YouTube, to do damage control for himself and his boyfriend VonHelton. Funnily enough he pulled the same shit again with his new account 0ctoberReignz and all he can do is rage from day 1 with that account - because people have seen his shit plenty of times before.

Still to this day, Montagraph is notorious for cyberstalking and harrassment. He makes multiple accounts and acts like there is a whole army on his side, when in reality he's just a pussy, sitting behind a keyboard switching his accounts and talking to himself.


He was happily married until caught sexually assaulting a poor defenceless melon, so his wife packed her bags and got the Fuck out of there.


In an attempt to try and make money, Montagraph tries too make money off his shitty situation by engaging in Credit card fraud .

Credit card fraud with the footage of the melon rape


Monty as the Batman sneaking off to look over someones confidential information

Montagraph likes to pretend he is a King and rules his BlogTV channel like a tyrant but the only thing he's good for is trying to rant about New World Order and how his half cousin is not a Pedophile - also he likes to drop peoples dox . When he's not whining like a bitch he dresses as the New World Order Solider and tries too give people a glimpse of the future - a future where the end of America has taken place and some mysterious organization now rules over us all .

If that's not bad enough, he dresses up in gimp masks and at one point made a snuff film.

Montagraph seeks 'manly' companionship

The picture Cancerman sent to Montagraph

Yes from 2002 - 2005 Monty was looking for gay sex on the internet webs like a true creep. The only guy that he found while trawling was his pet gimp - CancermanCOINTELPRO. Who later committed tubeacide leaving Montagraph too continue his Qwest to stop trolls and save VonHelton from the FBI.

How to Troll Montagraph

  • Criticize him.
  • Call him Dale.
  • Call him this.
  • Make videos about him.
  • Troll on his YouTube channel.

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Montagraphs YouTube Accounts / His Butt Buddies

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