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File:110525 ae tan and lolae tan by hime takamura.png|Or if she did, her imouto lolae-tan will become the new ae-tan for
File:110525 ae tan and lolae tan by hime takamura.png|Or if she did, her imouto lolae-tan will become the new ae-tan for
File:110427 not_my_mother_by_hime_takamura.png|and fight the power
File:110427 not_my_mother_by_hime_takamura.png|and fight the power
File:Top10ohinternet.png|OhInternet's very enthusiastic userbase, in a nutshell.

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Utilizing the stylish 30 pt Arial font on a white background (aka Photoshop default values), this logo finely represents the creativity and effort put into the site. redirects here. For the other SFW internet culture website, see Know Your Meme

OhInternet, aka Ohi, OhShitternet, or better yet, Know Your Meme 2: Electric Boogaloo, ED’s killer, and many other pseudonyms which are too kind for it, is the fetid afterbirth spilling from the diseased uterus of Encyclopedia Dramatica’s heartbreaking temporary downfall of April 2011. Created by morbidly obese traitor-hipster Sherrod Ellen DeGrippo and her sysop sheep, OhI is basically a carbon copy of Know Your Meme, except instead of cataloging memes with a pseudo-scientific flair, it depressingly and relentlessly tests the reader's tolerance for tepid, pretentious, and smarmy articles about HILARIOUS INTERNET CULTURE. It is among the internet's most naked and obvious attempts to gain Jew gold at the expense of content, though this is vehemently denied by the portly and badly-aging liar who orchestrated this filthy sellout treachery. Going from an awesome wiki about drama to an almost aggressively bland catalog of memes and milquetoast "columns", OhI has been universally panned by the Internet.


The ironically life-saving tweet.

Before this abortion, there was a mighty wiki known as Encyclopedia Dramatica, Sherrod’s offspring, which originally archived LiveJournal Drama. However, as ED began to cover other topics it attracted different users whom Sherrod despised and who didn’t think of her as mighty as she perceived herself. From then on, she began to hate her own offspring more and more as each day passed by. For the longest time, she chose to keep it as it was her only cash cow in life and she was too lazy to work. ED became plastered with ads, and EDF sold useless internet add-ons for more than ten dollars, yet Sherrod was never satisfied.

In 2010, a blog dedicated to doxing ED sysops popped up and paranoia ensued across ED IRC. Shortly after that, DMCAs were being sent at an alarming rate. Sherrod, being a giant pussy, refused to restore articles despite counter DMCAs being filed, as she wanted to stay on the “safe” and “legal” side. The two people who basically did all the logical thinking for her, OldDirtyBtard and weev, were gone from the internet as well. Seeing the site that ED looked down upon get money, she decided to give in to pressure and do things the easy way: sell out.

The original stands the test of time...
...and 2.0 continues the legacy...

Interestingly enough, OhInternet was actually supposed to replace ED back in late January 2011. This was prevented when an infamous tweet popped up in ED’s official Twitter account saying “RIP”. This three-letter tweet broke the hearts of many internet nerds and Gawker wrote an article about it including a link to the blog that contained sysop dox. Due to many complaints, Sherrod allowed ED to live another two months.

Statements from the sellouts

killhamster gets pwned attempting to promote OhInternet.

It all started with ED going down and Sherrod posting tweets about ED “going under maintenance and coming soon shortly”. Then the OhI blog was born. Surprisingly, it had an okay start. However, when it was revealed that ED was NOT being fixed and was getting replaced with the new OhI wiki, things began to heat up.

a more toned down content style and a streamlined design: Shock for shock’s sake is old at this point and we’re looking forward to the future and how things are evolving … when you put user experience first, the language becomes highly important and that’s what we’ve done.



One nice day on Encyclopedia Dramatica...

As the internet mourned the loss, Sherrod tried to ease the pain. However, her main mistake was not talking to ED’s fanbase. Instead, she did interviews and alienated the users that did the majority of work on ED.

The other platform of note, Encyclopedia Dramatica, is not a site that is comfortable to be on for most people, unless you are okay with racism and pornography in all of your content, but surprisingly, a lot of people are.


Andrew Thornton, Sherrod's boyfriend and former owner of ED

Unfortunately for Sherrod, her answers were far from satisfactory, which led the users to turn against her. Droning about how I Can Has Cheezburger? bought KnowYourMeme and had $30 million only made her appear even greedier for money for money’s sake.

don’t have a lot of visibility into ICHC/KYM, though I do know they have $30 million dollars and don’t allow direct editing of their content. When you have that much VC, you aren’t beholden to the community anymore, you’re beholden to VC dudes and shareholders and everything else that comes along with bankers giving you multimillions. The opposite of agile. OhInternet isn’t beholden to anyone but me and my users. They have gatekeepers who decide what is andis not worthy of coverage


Like all fat girls on the internet, WhaleVinyl still has some misguided white knights. The loyalists are former ED sysops and users who weren’t funny enough to write articles on ED. The OhI sysops have gained a sense of elitism as they believe that they singlehandedly created ED and they have a say on what happens to it.

OhInternet considers the entire internet worthy of documenting, which includes mobile apps, startup execs, programmers, subcultures, events and yes, memes too. The users make the decisions on that, notshareholders or a board of directors. OhInternet is something I take very personally. We don’t have paid staff or writers or any employees, we DIY everything and I’m in there every single day, creating content myself and am available on our IRC network.


—Despite their claims of covering everything, linking correctly to Best ED is forbidden.

As a stroke of genius, ohinternet now tries to justify itself by attacking its old fanbase in a subtle and well calculated manner.

Eventually, the site was overrun with chantards, who exploited the site's freedom of speech approach, until the site closed in April, 2011. This was done with a heavy heart by the site's owner, Girlvinyl, who managed this untenable situation for several years. After the site closed, several sites attempted to mirror Encyclopedia Dramatica's content. These sites were soon overrun by the same chantards who ruined Encyclopedia Dramatica itself.


As well as becoming the very thing it sought to mock.

While the articles themselves are mostly satirical jabs at Internet users (both individually and in groups) and phenomena, bear in mind that the Encyclopædia Dramatica itself is a parody of a much less funny online encyclopedia. As such, ED articles tend to make fun of the supposed objectivity and accuracy, elitism, and stupid edit wars of such sites. In other words, expect blatant, biased lies, and expect boring truths to get deleted quickly.



Typical ohinternet fan
This comment is for paid members only.png

Save yourself from browsing OhInternet; this will summarize it just fine. To start off, the layout entirely resembles the page of a parked domain. What makes one realize that it’s an actual website is that the page is plastered with boring memes from two years ago that appeal to twelve year olds. The templates users must utilize when making an article are worse than those of freewebs, and each article must start off with a one line sentence and a giant image. Despite Sherrod stating that OhInternet is meant to catalog anything internet related, the only articles that users are allowed to write about are meme-centric.

In essence, OhI is basically a watered-down version of WhatPort80, another censored version of ED which the sysops spent so much time building. However, OhI has a boring layout, different format, less article content and bigger text. The bulletin board, which is equivalent to ED’s Thizzlehat Junction Center, is the center of complaints made by ED fanatics and the rare thumbs up.

Frankly, nobody gives a shit about this site, and the site is stagnating. There are typically fewer than 10 substantial article edits per day, and the same 3 users seem to be making 99% of the edits.

The vast majority of the internal links on each OhI article are red.

General Response

Girlvinyl's actions propel ED to an all-time high in alexa
Indisputable truth. Outdated. Currenly ED.SE is best ED.

Turning into the very thing it made fun of, OhI became the most hated thing on the internet. The very fanbase that OhI sysops blamed the downfall for teamed up into a great force which resurrected Encyclopedia Dramatica through a vast labor of love. They transformed the ED kingdom and destroyed the old government of Sherrodocracy. To fuel their hatred of the fat whale, they had to retrieve thumbnails of images through Google cache when Sherrod had a full archive of the images yet refused to give them out.

OhInternet frequently sees upwards of two page edits a day.
Others have taken to vandalizing the OhInternet wiki, the only funny part of the site, sadly. Thanks to the “Daily Top Ten Contributors”, vandals made it their goal to reach the list as they gain points by ruining articles (somehow) and boast their fine skills. Below are the finest contributors of OhInternet.

Ways to get banned from Ohinternet

<tamara> Ohello: hi
<warhol> Oh i thought that said Othello
<warhol> hahahaha
<tamara> one can but dream
* Ohello thrusts his big, throbbing, knotted dragon phallus into Tamara's ass so hard, that he uses the blood as lubricant. He closes his eyes and imagine tamara is the dragon from shrek, and that her blubber is the dragon's rump. Tamara becomes so butthurt that she disconnects him
* Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).

The supposed reason for this faggotry

You searched for "". Did you mean "Encyclopedia Dramatica"?
As a former sysop on the old ED I can tell you that this lazy worthless bitch didn't lift a single cholesterol ridden finger to help with ANYTHING on the site. On numerous occasions she had to ask other people to do shit on the wiki for her as her brain has become too overwrought with grease and visions of jew gold to be of any use for anything. The only thing she was good for was bitching about being broke, and trying to sue people who dox sysops. Always money money money and Ohshiternet is no different. She has everyone else do all the work while she tries to suck out every penny she can. The day this wildebeest drops fucking dead of a heart attack is the day the internets as a whole improve by 300 pounds.


A former ED sysop, EDF

"OhInternet is not knowyourmeme!!!"

Here is what happens when somebody points out the similarities between OhInternet and knowyourmeme, even though Sherrod herself bought and typosquatted the domain and points it at WhatPort80 and later at OhInternet hoping to get some of that sweet typo traffic. But they are totally different.

<tamara> Explodingpiglets: do you think you can restrain your overwhelming desire to 1:1 ohinternet and knowyourmeme to like 
<tamara> once a week
* nocturneprime ([email protected]) has joined #ed
<Explodingpiglets> Perhaps.
<helldvr> we need an even ratio here pal.
<helldvr> PAL
<TheCowDestroyer> i would have preferred it if we had made a mirror of the old ED ourselves
<tamara> will it be any easier for you if you get banned the next time you bring it up 
<tamara> because jesus christ 
<tamara> every fuckin day
<tamara> same question
<tamara> you just wait til difft people are around 
<Explodingpiglets> I only said it once.
<tamara> gets old 
<Explodingpiglets> in here
<tamara> 13:36 < Explodingpiglets> Ohinternet is slightly better than knowyourmeme.
<tamara> 13:36 < Explodingpiglets> slightly
<wit> Explodingpiglet have you done anything on ohi? no cause you say its like kym. why? cause you havent dont anything on ohi.
<wit> i call this the whiney fucktard loop
<tamara> if i had more backscroll i'd call even more bullshit
<Explodingpiglets> Oh, I guess that is 2 times
<tamara> fuckit
<tamara> wit, do you mind if i ban him 
<tamara> no value added
<wit> yes
<tamara> ugh
<helldvr> piglets
* You have been killed by wit ((cause im killing him))
* Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).
* Now talking on #ed
* Topic for #ed is: Welcomt to #FriendsChat | The rules forbid Finney from dying anytime soon
* Topic for #ed set by recon at Fri Jun  3 17:07:58 2011
<Explodingpiglets> To answer your original question
<TheCowDestroyer> heh
<TheCowDestroyer> wait no
<Explodingpiglets> I do not need to do anything on Ohi to know it is almost EXACTLY like knowyourmeme.
<tamara> oh god
<Explodingpiglets> So asking me if I did anything on there is irrelevant.
<tamara> do you jerk off to this
<Explodingpiglets> and silly :)
<tamara> you do, don't you 
<Explodingpiglets> You know it!
<TheCowDestroyer> .ch faggot alert
<TheCowDestroyer> .ch faggot alert
<TheCowDestroyer> .ch faggot alert
<TheCowDestroyer> .ch faggot alert
<TheCowDestroyer> .ch faggot alert
<Explodingpiglets> Do you have something against bisexuals mister cow destroyer?
<wit> its not irrelevant
<wit> my point was that its a wiki that users fill up
<helldvr> know your meme just fucking sucks.
<tamara> wit: easier to bitch repetitively than do anything potentially useful
<helldvr> i think thats good enough.
<wit> if youre not filling it up with stuff you like within the boundries set, you suck
<wit> and cant really whine
<Explodingpiglets> <tamara> wit: easier to bitch repetitively than do anything potentially useful
<Explodingpiglets> ;)
* tamara sets ban on *!*[email protected]*.274B511B.4758033F.IP
* You have been kicked from #ed by tamara ( K TO THIS STUFF LIKE A BITCHPUNX TO ASSNUGGETS)
* Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).

JewTube shit


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