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Oliver D. Smith, the face of a psycho.
Oliver, alone in the dark.
Serious business: Oliver Smith reported an ED sysop to police.
I didn't realize what I was getting into when I decided to document the activities of a psychopath. It's just too much.


—JuniusThaddeus who regrets encountering Oliver

Oliver D. Smith (aka oliveratlantis, Atlantid) is a socially inept, asexual, misanthropic loner and geekazoid (he blogs about Greek mythology) better known for his anti-pornography views and extensive harassment campaigns against Kiwi Farms and Encylopedia Dramatica. A massive wikisperg, Oliver is infamous for going to extremes to remove websites or articles that he believes have offended, disparaged or merely criticized him; this includes accusing his opponents he has met online wikis (e.g. his arch-enemy Mikemikev) of various crimes, setting up attack blogs on them, hounding, stalking and impersonating them using sockpuppets, and even sending threats with the purpose of trying to coerce them into deleting everything written about him. In numerous cases this has worked.

Oliver sided with conservative yellow journalist blogger Vordrak (Samuel C. Smith) to close Kiwi Farms, while at the same time denouncing The Donald (whom Samuel supports) on Vordrak's blog. The alliance of Oliver and Vordrak, with left wing feminist Margaret Pless has been called strange bedfellows, although it actually makes sense Vordrak "the witchfinder" and Oliver "the puritan" would unite: they both resort to threats, intimidation, fabricating evidence and posting smears about anyone who disagrees with them or who challenges their personal views, such as accusing them of paedophilia (or more often in the case of Oliver, as "perverts").

Nate Spidgewood is another bat-shit crazy internet associate of Oliver; both have worked together in Taking Down ED.

Asexuality and sexual abstinence

J. H. Kellogg

Oliver identifies as asexual or on the gray spectrum between asexuality and heterosexuality (showing only occasional interest in sex). For this reason he rationalizes his attacks by seeing himself as a puritan, calling all his opponents "sex maniacs", "perverts" or "sex pests". Oliver greatly admires John Harvey Kellogg, not for his cereal but for his celibacy and bizarre masturbation-prevention techniques such as electrical shock. Vordrak is not a fan of Kellogg, criticizing his work as "sexually abusive" and "pseudo-Victorian paternalism".

Over this disagreement about Mr. Kellogg electrocuting people's genitals, Oliver posted to Vordrak a Archive today-ico.png reply on his blog:

John Harvey Kellogg was promoting extreme abstinence (sexual, alcoholic, food), for the latter – vegetarianism and semi-fasting (only two small meals a day.) Of course his anti-masturbation methods are now known to be wrong, but what he was saying was quite common during the Victorian era. We probably will disagree on this, but I admire him because of his conviction in these things – he never had sexual intercourse (all his children were adopted), he was a life-long vegetarian and teetotaller. Very few people today can say they live his clean and respectable lifestyle.

Vordrak wasn't impressed, choosing not to respond to Oliver.

Oliver's interests

Oliver Smith, alone as always. His sweatshirt has the Hitman game logo.
  • Greek mythology.
  • Atlantis.
  • Boglins.
  • Crusading against porn.
  • Misanthropy (hating nearly everyone).
  • Collecting British flags.
  • Lara Croft/Tomb Raider.
  • Violent video games such as Hitman (despite prudish, he has no problem with graphic killing).
  • Racism xenophobia.
  • Obsessively editing wikis.
  • Writing hit-piece articles on his foes.
  • Creating sockpuppets.
  • Being Vordrak's lackey.
  • John Harvey Kellogg.

Nude Raider

Nude Raider.
Theres actually a patch for nude Lara on Tomb Raider 2 I had it ages ago on pc - b[ut] the graphics were too blocky then but this is great!!


—Oliver D. Smith

In 2006, Oliver, then about 15 years old, posted on the TombRaiderForums (as the user Archive today-ico.png Scionic Evil) that he had once downloaded Nude Raider as a patch for the PC game Tomb Raider or its sequel Tomb Raider II, making Lara Croft fully nude. Oliver is known to get very defensive over this since he sees it as tarnishing his reputation against pornography. He has complained he didn't expect someone to dig up his internet history from over 10 years ago, dismissing his love of naked Lara Croft as "teenage immaturity". Oliver still gets into a fit of rage whenever he sees someone quoting this comment, therefore it is posted here in big quotation marks.

Boglins and Army Men

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Oliver's Boglin collection he keeps in a red bucket.

Oliver has many manchild-traits, including toy collecting. This includes mini plastic Boglins (as well as the larger hand-puppet variety), the similar Monster in My Pocket franchise and Army Men toy soldiers. He is also a fan of the old Army Men series of games on PlayStation. In the 1999 PS game Army Men 3D, there's a mysterious key on the 2-player mission "Clean Up This Mess" that no one knows how to use, supposedly it unlocks a secret area on the level. Oliver decided to make it his life mission to figure out how to use the key. In 2006, Archive today-ico.png Oliver requested help from the TombRaiderForums, in 2009 he did the same at Wikipedia, on another forum in 2012, again at Wikipedia in 2014, posting as ArmyMen3D.

Internet antics

Weaponizing wikis and anti-porn

Oliver has a large number of edits on Wikipedia (BookWorm44 is of one his many sock-farms) and Rationalwiki. He primarily uses these wikis as weapons, in the sense he creates attack articles on his perceived foes. He might try to disguise what he is doing with occasional "neutral" edits on Greek myth, science, history etc., but he is responsible for dozens, if not hundreds of shoddy hit-piece articles on people that he has debated somewhere else on the internet, or who he thinks have offended him, even if inconsequentially. It was this peculiar online behaviour that made Oliver discover Encyclopedia Dramatica, since he has used this website in the past to create articles on his enemies too. However, after an attentive ED sysop realised what he was up to — all his articles were flushed down the toilet.

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What Oliver D. Smith secretly dreams about.

In 2016 Oliver was questioned about all his attack articles on the forum Kiwi Farms; Oliver responded he has a clean conscience on the basis he is writing about "evil people" (perverts, frauds or scammers) and that he is on a noble mission to warn the world about them. Most though are innocents/nobodies he's been engaged with in petty arguments over the years. When using Encylopedia Dramatica, Oliver complained to ED admins about pornographic adverts. He later took the credit for their deletion, but requested for porn images to be removed from all articles, writing they are "horrible"; his anti-porn crusade won no support and he was ban-hammered:

Well done guys, but...

You got rid of that horrible porn advert. Cheers. If you really want to impress me, you can delete porn which appears on individual page entries. Just someone with their top off, or breasts is fine, but it gets silly and nasty when you see penis, vagina or other things like that here. People don't want to see this. I mean what happens if your parent see that? RaiderFan 17:57, 25 April 2016 (EDT)

Encylopedia Dramatica

Oliver's relation with ED sysops turned sour when he tried to dictate to them on more sock accounts how to run the website; he wanted Encylopedia Dramatica to stop recording internet drama for the lolz and become a serious "watch-dog" website to monitor perverts (in Oliver's view anyone with a sex life) and criminals. The last straw was when Oliver attacked an ED admin for creating the Anal Prolapse, Covercat, and Necromouse articles; Oliver called these "obscene sexual images". After ED admins grew tired of Oliver's hissy fits, he became blocked on-sight whenever he recreated another sockpuppet. Most, if not all of his socks are easy to detect because they have names related to Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) or Greek mythology.


Moar info: Metapedia#The_Month_of_Long_Knives.
Clownpedia Metapedia.

Eagle-eyed observers may notice the feud between Oliver and Mikemikev over race and politics that started at Metapedia, has more to do with strategy, than doctrine. This is because Oliver's views on immigration are hard-right, while Mikemikev's far-right and there is not much difference between them, only their strategy. Oliver argues for a "voter-friendly" form of ethnic nationalism, hence he is eager to reject or downplay anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial and racism which he sees as demonizing his cause since these views are unpopular. Instead Oliver's main focus is culture or ethnicity, rather than race. Mikemikev in contrast rejects Oliver's moderate electoral-palatable approach, considering it "cuckservative" or "Zionist". Mikemikev will openly post anti-Semitic attacks on Jews on forums, use Neo-Nazi symbols, deny the Holocaust and cling to scientific racism. Oliver created an Archive today-ico.png attack blog on Mikemikev for holding these extreme views. To the amusement of Kiwi Farms users, both Oliver and Mikemikev accused each other of being Antifa.

Mikemikev: infiltrator, or just mental?

The question that needs to be asked: is Mikemikev a real racist extremist who is mentally deranged, or is he an infiltrator (say who works for Hope not Hate) who is online deliberately with the intention to make nationalism look as stupid and violent as possible to turn the public away from it? It should be remembered Michael spams dozens if not hundreds of forums with the same genocide non-whites, crude anti-Semitism and holocaust denial... banned on many forums. Oliver D Smith

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Oliver's tribal utopia.

Oliver's "ethno-tribalist" views are at odds with Mikemikev's racialism ideology, but are xenophobic:

...denying race is in the best interest of ethno-cultural nationalism, for example lumping all ethnic groups and cultures from Europe together into a silly "white race" blurs their separate ethnic identities and promotes mixing between them does it not? Its seems to me that denying racialism is in the best interest of ethno-tribalists or ethno-nationalists.


Oliver D. Smith racist xenophobe...

Oliver used to own a website (deleted) based on his "ethno-tribalist" politics called Differentalism/Ethno-regionalism; he linked to his website during his time at Metapedia (2013).

Oliver has made enemies in the Alt-right and white nationalist communities for his idiosyncratic views. This has led Oliver to be banned from Stormfront after creating an attack thread on Metapedia and its cousin, Rightpedia and vandalising the Rightpedia entry at All The Tropes. Oliver's departure from Metapedia in 2013 (as "Atlantid") was the result of him debating Mikemikev. In 2015, Oliver sabotaged Rightpedia's attempt to find a new wiki host at Mizaheze.org after sending complaints that Rightpedia's content is "anti-Semitic and extremely racist" and "linked to perverts". Oliver thinks both Metapedia and Rightpedia are run by Antifas, criticising their articles for "pseudo-science" and conspiracy theories (he later wrote a hit-piece article).

In line with his quirky "ethno-tribalism" Oliver has said America should be restored to the Native American tribes. On things not race ethnicity related, Oliver's views are more progressive. Of a minority sexual background himself, he has defended LGBT's and has no problem with same-sex marriage; he finds though gay sexual intercourse (like hetero) to be strange and has warned about sexually transmitted diseases at Rationalwiki. Oliver has raised not only asexual, but feminist arguments against porn. These views put him at odds with true conservatism and despite Oliver siding with conservative blogger Vordrak, he is not a supporter of The Donald.

Three Stooges

Three Stooges: Oliver D. Smith, Mikemikev and JuniusThaddeus.

After the battle between Mikemikev and Oliver (that had spilled onto dozens of websites) became noticed by Kiwi Farms, both ended up compared to the Three Stooges for their everlasting bickering and buffoonery; the third stooge was rather unfairly an ED sysop (JuniusThaddeus) who was simply trying to record what had taken place. Oliver's feud with Mikemikev began in 2013 on Metapedia, but spread onto Rationalwiki and Wikipedia (2014-2015). Mikemikev made the mistake of joining a forum to create a personal army thread against Oliver. Since Mikemikev apparently first did this, Oliver used this to justify his extreme response that spilled all over the internet.

All of Oliver's and Mikemikev's 3-year old shit-posting and trolling combined got logged at Kiwi Farms and both were milked as lolcows.

At the beginning of February 2017 Oliver deleted his blog on Mikemikev and said he had moved on, ceasing any further communication with him. There seems to be truth in this since Oliver has ignored Mikemikev's attempts on a sockpuppet to bait him into responding at Rationalwiki. Mikemikev still though obsessed with Oliver followed him onto the talk page of Rome Viharo's ED talk-page and has also created a thread on Oliver at the ED forum, causing one user to tell him to get a life.


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JuniusThaddeus after reading Oliver's responses to him on ED.

Oliver formerly considered JuniusThaddeus his "ally" since he was using him against the Neo-Nazis from Metapedia like Mikemikev, but JuniusThaddeus eventually had enough of Oliver's manipulation and shenanigans, writing most of the ED article on Oliver. JuniusThaddeus never expected Oliver to then turn on him and follow him onto other forums and wikis calling him a "pervert" for his edits on ED pages with porn, creating an attack blog on him, badgering him non-stop to delete his article/re-write it to his liking (nitpicking at details), and just be a massive pain-in-the-ass. Oliver also hypocritically accused JuniusThaddeus of defaming him, while at the same time writing his own hit-piece articles at Rationalwiki. After several months of this abuse, JuniusThaddeus threw in the towel, saying he just wanted some "peace and quiet". Because Oliver kept intimidating JuniusThaddeus, what was written about Oliver changed many times since he kept complaining (see Archive today-ico.png here, Archive today-ico.png here and Archive today-ico.png here) and Oliver's ED article was deleted no fewer than six times because other sysops kept restoring it (against JuniusThaddeus' wishes), but a compromise was reached to re-write Oliver's article with JuniusThaddeus having no involvement (for an earlier version of this article still stored on ED, click here). GethN7 (who as an admin at All The Tropes had already discovered Oliver's antics) wrote a Archive today-ico.png blog article in defence of JuniusThaddeus, concluding that while JuniusThaddeus is "no angel by any means, in this case, I can say for sure Oliver Smith is definitely the devil." In response, Oliver would target GethN7 and make another enemy, setting up yet another holier-than-thou Archive today-ico.png attack blog pointing out Geth looks at sexual imagery and needs his mouth "washed out with soap" for posting naughty swear words.

Oliver D. Smith tries to attack me again, for being a Christian who has looked at porn, and my rebuttal

Oliver D. Smith, a sadly hate filled young man I've covered here before, has recently found it appropriate to try dirtying my name by, LE GASP, telling the world I've seen pornography, even though I'm an open and admitted Christian [...] I have never hidden the fact I've looked at pornographic material. The X-rated portions of the Bible aside, I have seen all sorts of pornographic material for a variety of reasons (and some I wish I hadn't, but it's too late to turn back the hands of time). I run a site dedicated to various types of media and their writing components, porn is one of the topics that comes up. I've reviewed anime and video games with pornographic content, either because I wanted to evaluate their merits as media or on behalf of others who were interested, and I've seen stuff ranging from vanilla softcore porn pics to gross, pornographic shock videos and images because I've read websites like Encyclopedia Dramatica. [...] In conclusion, I would like to say I pray for you, Oliver. You obviously have a lot of hate and bitterness within you, and I fear, stained as my own soul is with sin, yours is in as much danger if not more, and while I may be no saint, please don't lose yourself to sin as well, as even if I am already damned, I hope you will not follow me on the road to perdition. Archive today-ico.png GethN7 defeats Oliver in a morality debate

Oliver scored an unexpected victory over GethN7 when Kiwi Farms was deleted (see below); GethN7 removed his blog posts on Oliver to avoid "innocent people out of the crossfire" (fearful Oliver and Vordrak might contact his family members). However, to his credit Oliver in response deleted his attack blog on Geth and both went their separate ways. Oliver still though continues to harass ED sysops.

Kiwi Farms deletion

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Oliver sent a SPLC report over Kiwi Farms, Archive today-ico.png source (click to enlarge).

Oliver was involved in the deletion of Kiwi Farms by bombarding the owner Joshua Moon's family and their employers with harassment emails, until Moon's mother was fired from her job and the website was taken down. Oliver filed a legal report (here) with Google so they would block/de-index the URL of his Kiwi Farms thread from their search-engine and reported Kiwi Farms to the SPLC for "hate speech". Apparently Oliver did not realise Kiwi Farms calling him a "sex pest" and "porn addict" was a joke to ridicule him; Oliver's asexuality and anti-pornography activism was known to the forum, but he took everything said about him literal. Oliver sided with Vordrak to shut down the Kiwi Farms and succeeded. Like Oliver, Vordrak complained when he was called a paedophile not realising this was done to mock him since accusing other people of paedophilia is all he does. After Oliver started working as Vordrak's lackey to attack Joshua Moon, he also got trolled at Kiwi Farms by labelled a paedophile when its obvious he isn't. Taking the internet far too serious, Oliver's interpretation of events was that he was "harassed" and "defamed". In a news article he is quoted as saying:

Oliver Smith told me he got a Kiwi Farms thread started about him for his editing habits on Wikipedia. The thread eventually escalated into some Kiwi Farms users falsely accusing him of being a pedophile and even a terrorist. Smith claims that Moon was personally involved in the harassment. Smith says he contacted Moon’s mother’s employer, a Realty company, and told them her paycheck was being used to fund cyberbullying. Moon’s mother was fired soon after.

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