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Oftentimes I look at my YouTube demographics and get bummed out at how small the percentage of female viewers are.



Glad Dan Schneider lets this guy appear on Nickelodeon kids' shows.

ProJared (Powerword: Jared Knabenbauer) is an unfunny Americunt YouTuber and adulterer who is best known for his Let's Plays and video game reviews a thread his wife started about him cheating on her with what appears to be a thin dude of a side chick and ended up a dumping ground of creepy pictures ProJared had sent to underage female fans. He usually copypastas the humor of other YouTubers such as JonTron and the Game Grumps and then claims it to be his own. However, he is also well known for being quite possibly the most smug-fugly person to ever exist. Girls also run away from a creepy fart-sniffing smug like ProJared because he desperately wants females to enjoy his stuff more than anyone else.


NormalBoots' PR statement in response to the shitshow

NormalBoots is a video creators group that ProJared is was a part of before getting kicked out within 24 hours following his infidelity kerfuffle being exposed. It was revealed by ProJared's now ex-wife that, allegedly, some members of the group, who are friends of Jared, may have assisted in trying to cover this shitshow up before it exploded and had ostracized her from Jared's friend groups in order to help separate her from Jared and keep her from discovering Jared's private activities with his side bitch.

Interestingly enough, JonTron was a member of NormalBoots once, but was ostracized by Jared & co. and left shortly after his debate with Destiny in order to preserve the "integrity" and "advancement" of the group, keep in mind that at this time Jared was sending his nudes to his underage teenage fans for at least a year. A true blessing in disguise as only about a year later parts of this group would be active in the suppression of the infidelity kerfuffle, leaving JonTron completely and without a doubt separate from any association.


ProJirard is a fusion of ProJared and his gay lover who is another YouTube Let's Player that looks like a greasy bear and a borderline asspie name Jirard Khalil aka The Completionist. All his reviews these days consist of recommending games by companies he admits to being paid off by, like receiving their games and consoles for free. The formula for this is to play the Noah Antwiler goofy nerd spastic exaggerating experiences when he plays games and be so beta male looking that his wife and viewers assume; "I bet this harmless looking noodle armed guy with the worst social skills knows which video games are good."


Yes, I cheated, and I'm okay with that.


—ProJared, in his review of Two Worlds.

And they loved each other back then.

In early May 2019, Jared was caught cheating on his wife Heidi with a woman called Commander Holly (basically a downgraded, ugly, leftist, FAS-faced version of Heidi), Ross of Game Grumps's ex-wife. He then blocked his wife on Twitter for some reason. Heidi shared the details and guess what? Jared's a cheating scumbag. He then announced their incoming divorce. He rapidly lost subscribers on his YouTube channel (over 100,000 in the first twenty-four hours alone). On May 8, 2019, the day before the scandal broke, ProJared had 1,033,939 subscribers on his main YouTube channel, which now sits at 823,584 as of May 14, 2019, a loss of over 210,000 in under one week, while his ProJared Plays! YouTube Let's Play channel went from 316,886 subscribers on May 8 to 241,021 on May 14. In the end, Craig from ScrewAttack was most likely right for firing his fart-whiffing smug ass years ago, but nobody cares because ButtAttack got bought out by Rooster Teeth which immediately got rid of everything ScrewAttack did over the years and renamed their YouTube channel to Death Battle as a final fuck you to Craig. Even the Game Grumps deleted their YouTube videos featuring ProJared as a special guest because they're tired of the same shit.

The ProDramatic Adventures of ProCheater About missing Pics
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TLDR version of the recent events

Two years ago ProJared posted this awkward video going hunting for Pokémon with the side chick. lol "DO U WANNA CUM" "YEAAAAH."

The Quarting weighs in.

It'sAGundam rants.

No Bullshit bullshits on him.

PewDiePie meme reviews the ProJared memes.

Watch him dance!

That's why Encyclopædia Dramatica's final rating for ProJared...

ProJaredfinalrating.png a broken marriage out of ten!

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