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Viharo, a Charlie Sheen lookalike, also enjoys Coke.

Rome Viharo is the whiny blogger behind Wikipedia, We Have a Problem, a feminist, and social justice warrior who considers himself to be just another hipster douchebag, and so do we. His website is a long-winded rant, something about his pussy hurting so much after he was stupid enough to break up a circlejerk on Wikipedia and ended up being harassed by a few Wikipedia editors – an utterly boring story that Viharo takes five novels to explain and no one cares about.

Viharo's only redeeming quality appears to be his ability to piss off RationalWiki, David Gerard, Tim Farley and Oliver D. Smith.

Viharo is so boring as an individual that the only reason he has an article at all on Encyclopedia Dramatica at all is because Oliver D. Smith and his brother originally created this article on Viharo with one of their gazillion sockpuppet accounts impersonating Wikipedia editors, and then continually attempt to re-edit this article about Viharo to flame the web with their continued delusional obsessions on Wikipedia and RationalWIki.

Drama With Oliver D. Smith

Rome seducing Oliver D. Smith with his stare.

The extent Oliver D. Smith and his freaky family of Wikipedia and RationalWiki trolls has obsessed on Rome makes us wonder sometimes if Oliver D Smith is just Viharo-s ex-lover with hurt feelings. Oliver created an attack blog on him as well as writing about Viharo here on ED, on RationalWiki, KiwiFarms, and has used over 9,000 sockpuppets on reddit to post about Viharo for years.

Every time Oliver creates an butthurt attack article on Viharo somewhere on the web, Viharo always follows up with a blog post about Oliver’s latest attack, which then makes Oliver create another attack article for Viharo to whine about. It’s as if these two ladies are sending each other love poems.

Anti-Trump Activism

Rome is still butthurt over the fact The Donald won.

The only thing that triggers Viharo's estrogen more than RationalWiki is Trump. Rome is a typical Social Justice Warrior: He's from douchebag Hollywood (his father is a retired movie star) and has all the faggotry that you would expect from a whiny spoiled liberal suntanning his bikini wax poolside; supporting daft things such as open-borders, cryptocurrencies, global energy-grids and campaigns against Donald Trump. Unsurprisingly, Rome's personal blog is on "whiny people" Tumblr. Rome was dumb enough to waste his own money on a feminist anti-Trump organization called Young Aware American Political Action Committee that aimed to mobilize female voters to vote for Hillary.

Websites Rome Has Used to Moan About "Cyber-Bullying"

Rome giving his patented "gay guy undressing you with his eyes from the end of the bar" gaze.

Reaction to This Article

Rome writes about Encyclopedia Dramatica on his blog, even penning us a long winded letter at the bottom of "Encyclopedia Dramatica Talk", wanting to be butt buddies with us. Viharo is home right now hoping we won’t make fun of his years long drama with Wikipedia and RationalWiki and take down this page. We thought about it.

Nah. We're willing to pay double for any picture of Viharo with a man bun. There has to be one out there.

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