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(How to troll TheAmazingAtheist)
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TJ, like the planet with a gravitational pull he is (with bananas often puncturing its ass-end), has had another planet with a gravitational pull under his wing for a few years. Also, this probably the intended target for the NotProductive donation drive at the start of the year all along. In 2011, Uranus (TJ) made a statement that he was going to marry Pluto (Holly). He's also been open about his [[shit nobody cares about|perverse sexual activities with her, such as being the submissive in the relationship]], tainting the minds of less fucktarded folk with images of fried dough fucking bleached dough.
As if the idea of Jabba the Hut and his female clone having intercourse, in light of his micropenis, wasn't bad enough, now he's going to be a proud hubbie to a tubby. Given his egoistical and boisterous nature, expect him to flaunt his being attached to her 'til death do them part (probably while doubling down on double down sandwiches) in his videos and on his blog.
==TJ makes fun of a rape victim==
==TJ makes fun of a rape victim==

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Cat eyes.JPG
DO NOT WANT!!! (Note mangina.)
Terroja's amazing firecrotch. Don't ask how we got our hands on those pictures. Also, posting his penis over and over on any of his profiles is a great way to troll him.
Our pal, engaging in two forms of bestiality at once. Wait...
Worse then any scat pr0nz

TheAmazingAtheist (Powerword: Thomas "Terroja" James Kirk, born February 20, 1985) is a professional Harry Knowles lookalike and an unamazing, neckbearded idiot who sits on his fat ass all day making militant, gay, pseudointellectual atheism videos in his garage while wishing he had a girlfriend to suck his little Asian boy penis. He has made innumerable YouTube videos insisting that he is indeed an atheist as well as a faggot and that the world needs to deal with already. He's a sexually molested metalhead fanatic, a high school dropout who has never held a job and is proud of it. He is also a closet furry with a severe BDSM submission fetish and has a sexual attraction to underage children because he himself was molested by a Catholic priest as a child, not to mention that he looks like the long-lost son of Bruce Vilanch and was the inspiration for The Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons. He has released two mediocre books, which both contain a list of gullible kids across America, the best ways to molest them, and how to get away with it. If you want to meet Terroja and tell him what you think of his work, you can visit his house at 217 Elmwood St Mandeville, LA 70448-6318.

According to Terroja, pedophiles shouldn't be in prison--they're just misunderstood and persecuted, just like Jews, blacks, and Catholic priests, but this is just him trying to massage his hurt ego because of the time he himself got molested. A note to the FBI agents undoubtedly reading this site: check this motherfucker out--he's bound to have a kiddy porn stash large enough to give [email protected] a run for his money.

His views are largely deemed ironic considering that he believes in no Gods but is clearly the bastard offspring of Cthulhu and Xenu.

Notable Videos


TheAmazingAthiest got molested

In complete contrast to stating that being molested as a kiddie causes no psychological damage whatsoever, TheAmazingAthiest confesses his childhood trauma.


To the surprise of no one, a video called Nigggots surfaced on the Amazing Racist account. Apparently, in the first few minutes of babble, he blurts out "nigger" and "faggot". Being the original man he is, TJ most likely stole the idea from this Youtube video. Here is a satire depiction of the clip with the bullshit cut out.

TheAmazingAtheist's Response To This Article

OH NOEZ!!! - A LAWLSUIT - Note : this video was removed within 4 hours of posting - but its removal was NOT connected to AA insulting /b/ in the comments and NOT related to the subsequent hacking of his bank accounts.

You have 24 hours to remove my artwork and writing from your webpage, or you will be served with a massive, life-ruining lawlsuit


—TheAmazingAtheist, at least 100 years ago.

My autobiography is on there. Two of my poems are on there. My drawings "Terroja is Meat" and "Sheepfucker" are on there. It contains more of my content than it does original content.


In other words, AA was going to sue over an MS Paint drawing of some guy fucking a sheep in the ass.

Update: He still wants to sue Encyclopedia Dramatica, but thinks it is one of the stupidest things he's ever done. The funny thing is, he claims to be against SOPA, when this is the exact same shit that it would uphold had it passed.

Jump to 07:32 to avoid the vapid political bullshit.

Well god damnit, it's my intellectual property! I should be able to sue over that!


—TheAmazingAtheist, talking about that MS Paint drawing of a guy fucking a sheep up the ass.

No, it's not that they are using it, it's that they're making money off of it.


—FakeSagan, talking out of his ass about how because this site has ads, that makes it a-okay to sue it for using TJ's images.

"You have been blueberry pied"

On April 2nd, 2009, TAA unleashed a total memefail unto the people of YouTube. The video consists of him repeating the phrase "BLUEBERRY PIE" for nearly 40 seconds. It is titled "You have been blueberry pied", which means TJ thought this would be like a rickroll.

Anyone Bullied Into Suicide Are Pussies

Some time in 2010 Teroja made another shitty vlog about how the fags that commit suicide had it coming.

Basically he called lots of dead losers a load of dead losers, for actually caring what other people think which is the only valid point he hes evar made in any of his shitty vlogs.

The biggest question is, who allows this man to have access to television?

Typical Religion "Debate" with TheAmazingAtheist


Notable Quotes

His penis is the least harmful thing a priest puts into your child



Excuse me, I have a penguin living up my ass.


—TAA reveals his sick bestiality/vore fantasies

It's either a really small dick or a really big clit.


—TAA, trying to defend his dick size.

Well, we can't all take the high road like you! I should be more civil and call people "douchebag" and "neckbeard".


—TheAmazingAtheist, responding to this article, lol

Having pedophilic attractions doesn't mean you automatically go out and start molesting kids. From the time I was 14 to the time I was about 19, I used to have extreme pedophilic fantasies, and I somehow managed to never even come close to acting on them.


—TAA, admitting he wants to fuck little kids.

I seriously doubt that any particularly nasty mental scars have come about by having your ass grabbed as a 5-year-old. It's a complete social myth.


—Lying to himself about his childhood.

I mean, once you have caffeine and doughnuts, your pretty much unstoppable; there's no way you can top us now God, sorry.


—TAA, after too much coffee and doughnuts.

And women ultimately suffer as well. Women fucking hate being pampered and adored and extolled and all the fake ass nonsense. They want a rude obnoxious bastard who'll smack them around when they back talk, fuck them without the slightest concern for their needs, curse at them, spit on them, degrade them in every way possible. Any guy who is polite and soft-spoken knows that girls don't go for that. They go for Joe Niggerdick. the motorcycle riding caveman without two brain cells to rub together."


—TheAmazingAtheist, attempting to understand women and failing miserably.

It might be offensive to compare gays to shit flavored oatmeal. But then again, it's kinda applicable! Not, not no.. Oh God, just never mind, don't go there."


—TheAmazingAtheist, acknowledging the existence of God.

I have a girl coming to meet me for the first time in just under 20 days and I'm uglier than two sickly jackals fighting over a jar of mayonnaise. To top it off, my penis is small and my douchebaggery is the stuff of modern lore. In short, without money, I have no chance of getting any long-term ass. You guys have got to help me."


—TheAmazingAtheist, begging his audience for money to get ass.

You are not Maddox, and you are not funny.


—TheAmazingAtheist summed up perfectly on a comment to one of his old blog post.

If you were to take TJ and force him to smoke a garbage bag full of crack, he'd turn into Brett Keane."


Fakesagan, comparing TheAmazingAtheist to a notorious retard and scam artist.

"Flapjack" makes me think of "Lumberjack", and "Lumberjack" makes me think of hairy chests. When you say "flap", I'm thinking about the flap of a man tit.


—TAA's favorite food, Flapjacks

New York City is considering banning transfat in foods served in restaurants.

If that statement of fact doesn't make you seethe with rage, then your testicles have an appointment with my size 15's (if you don't have testicles, then your opinion doesn't really matter).

I told all you well-meaning fucks that cheered like retarded monkeys at a shit-flinging contest that they were going to go after the food next, and you laughed and called me ridiculous and spanked my bottom with nazi-insignia paddles, telling me what a naughty boy I was . . . Um . . . nevermind . . .

THE POINT IS THIS!: I should have the freedom to be as unhealthy as I want to be and companies should have the right to sell me the most heinous substances on earth as long as they don't misrepresent the product to me! It's this little thing that's been going out of vogue lately that I like to call freedom of choice.

Freedom has consequences. We used to understand that those consequences were worth it. When did we forget? When will we remember again?

When is America coming back?


—Terroja Lee Kincaid, where the extra fat came from.


TheAmazingAtheist is a fucking liar...he solicited a bunch of donations, said he was going to make freespeechvideos, and did we ever see freespeechvideos? No, and you know why? Because he spent the donations on himself.


FakeSagan on FreeSpeechVids.

FreeSpeechVids was TheAmazingAtheist's attempt at making a competitor to JewTube. Much like his other failed online ventures, such as attempting to be an author, it crashed and burned fairly quickly. Because he has a sizable fanbase on JewTube, he assumed this would instantly translate into extremely popular websites, message boards, books and anything else he conjured up, not realizing he's achieved this popularity mostly by self-censoring and appealing to the lowest common denominator, making him an easily accessible trick pony to the retarded masses on JewTube. His type of fanbase is not going to scurry over to some new website when they can find what they want conveniently on JewTube. Another factor that went into the creation of FreeSpeechVids was his self-censorship. Once known for making videos promoting child rape and giving assrapings to retarded religious folks, videos that seriously offended people and got under their skin, he's now known for making videos about celebrities asses and other vapid bullshit you can see from JewTubers such as sxephil and RayWilliamJohnson. He makes these videos purely to attract advertisers on his videos so he doesn't have to get a job, so offensive videos are a no-no, as they would threaten his partner status.

Realizing that his money rested on him being a sell-out, but still craving to make his pseudo-intellectual videos, he came up with FreeSpeechVids. It purported to not only allow people to watch him make videos promoting pedophilia, but a place where you too could make any video you want free of censorship. He set up a rather humorous donation run for the site with his buddies at BlogTV (see video in the center) which ended up falling short of their goal of thousands of dollars and ended up being shut down by moderators for it degenerating into violent threats and drunken debauchery. As such, when it did finally come up, it crashed in a single day because the bandwidth was too much for TJ to handle. According to someone who worked on the site:

tj is incompetent.... he takes all the money for himself. He doesn't know how to properly make a good video site for people, and he never bought enough bandwidth. He・ソ also never bought a dedicated server. He also never thought to get a security system from the beginning so he wouldn't be hacked....


Found here:

When the site came back up it became two sites, one that was tightly controlled by TJ, with only TJ approved material being accepted, and a Ning site, a free hosting video site that no one in their right mind would flock too. Another problem with the site was the name itself. It was a complete lie, as TheAmazingAtheist said himself in an answer to "does the site really have anything to do with free speech if you censor videos?":

No, it really doesn't. We just happen to have a different standard than Youtube and will allow more shit than they will. Really, the concept has evolved into something entirely different than what we initially were going for and a name change is probably imminent.


Despite the fact the site was made so he could avoid selling out for advertising, the site became a living embodiment of his self-censorship and appeasement of advertisers just to keep himself from getting a damn job.

Typical message that was sent to users of FreeSpeechVids.

After a couple of months, TheAmazingAtheist realized FreeSpeechVids wouldn't give him the platform to make his pseudo-intellectual videos and increase his internet welfare checks, so he shut it down. His last statements on the site:

As of today we have decided to shut down FSV. This means we will also be closing down this ning community. We had high hopes but found we were putting ourselves in a box. The best way we think is to take what we learn and form a partnership with some other like minded people to launch a new web service. In the mean time we will be adding some forums to These forums will have clear cut rules and will focus on inclusion, not exclusion, as many of us here have been guilty of in the past.


He eventually set up new forums, fittingly on a website titled "Thatfatatheist." For what happened to this latest attempt, look below.


Hackable. Enter if you want to get AIDS.

This latest pile of fail continues TJ's long-standing tradition of infecting the interwebs with his particular brand of USI. Because he's a cheap piece of shit, and couldn't be arsed into paying for the expenses of web hosting with his own money (HINT: He doesn't make any), it is paid for by donations, consisting only of his 13 year old fans. It is powered by the ever-fantastic WordPress platform, and the layout and consistently poor connection show for it.

As if he planned to become a laughing stock of Web 2.0, he allowed it to be run by a 19 year old basement dweller suicidal furfag by the name of Rick (this faggot has a Youtube channel). We all know how this kind of venture turns out when it is run by a faggot. This aforementioned furry is dying alone, Basement-dweller and judging by his asspie ways, he won't be missed by anyone when he finally does the world justice. In many respects, he is just like TJ; he relies on money given to him by other people, has obscene fetishes that hint at him being a pedophile, peruses the timeless art of an hero, is dangerously obese, and fails at every single thing he does. There's speculation as to how often TJ sucks this furfag's micropenis, but there's no reliable information that has yet to surface.

They're also twins, judging by the outright ugly face on this faggot.

Last Thursday (Fred)Rick got Banned from the Forum for being Furfag. Soon after he decided to An hero but found out he was too big a Pussy to hang himself. He then made his own Forum, the Flaming Atom Forums for his group of sycophants and sock accounts (mainly the 2nd) to congregate and suck his dick. Still feeling hard done by and and a little upset He [email protected] his way to ultimate powrr (Not really, TJ is just a newfag and forgot to take away his powrrz ) and caused major destruction with the force of a thousand suns Banning members, mods and other irrelevents (even ThatFatFail himself) in a final display of strength and mahood. The forum was eventually returned to its former glory.

Some of Rick's Sock accounts posted mediocre pr0n on TJ's forum after this video in an attempt to make Rick look like a cool and hardcore R3b3l. It failed.

Not Productive

Yet again, TJ is planning to make a video hosting website, though this time not as a competitor to YouTube, but rather a competitor to ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, a website he was once featured on, so the whole project reeks of butthurt. Unsurprisingly, he's asking for huge amounts of cash in donations (20,000 dollars in fact), which we all know will be used on himself after the website is taken down in a week due to hackers, bandwidth cost or lack of interest from TJ. In the event that it does go up for a week or two only to shut down so that TJ can buy more double downs, TJ's (second) failure will have a stringent editorial process even worse than his previous WEB 2.0 fail, since TJ mentioned that applicants to the site made a whole lot of fail videos (coming from him, of all people) which he didn't like.

Previously, TJ made an announcement on one of his personal websites that the site would be online by late April. As of May 16th (2012), the turd is yet to float to the surface in full form, but there is a filler to be found at NotProductive. What exists on there is all uninteresting horseshit meant to stave off anybody remotely interested in the project from bitching at FatFuck about NotProductive's tardiness. The expected date of appearance is slated for the dawn of June (2012), but knowing TJ, it'll probably never happen and his mindless followers will continue to suck his microdick on Youtube, never questioning him on anything.

Straightd0pe, one of TJ's arch-nemeses, summarizes it here:

The video actually made TJ fairly butthurt, who hastily made a video response:

NOTE: He never addresses the main point of the video where he's eBegging people to give him a business, rather than "investing".

The video is extremely sloppy and isn't even edited correctly, since there's a huge cut-off while rambling on in an irrelevant retort. Straightd0pe's response on twitter was: "TJ just uploaded the sloppiest, laziest, weakest video I've ever seen from him - and it was directed at me. Awesome. " In other words, a total failure of a video that acknowledges that Straightd0pe is right. It's such a failure, in fact, that he failed just five seconds after he showed the first clip from Straightd0pe's video...within one minute.

Here's an example of how FatFuck understands the English language:

Straightd0pe: He registered the domain name for a year. He didn't even host the videos on his own server...
FatFuck: Okay, Straightd0pe, when you say FreeSpeechVids never hosted its own video content, that's not really true...

All within one stellar minute of fail, self-pwnage, and bananas being inserted into his own ass.

TJ has since removed the video from his channel, however his mirror channels have re-uploaded it.

Stay tuned.

Terroja's personal sites got haxx0rd now a shitty blog with bitching and tl;dr poems.

Awhile back, many of Terroja's sites were repeatedly hacked by a Muslim terrorist group named "Qabandi Peace" resulting in many lulz. Here are some examples.

Thumbnail of video where he got hacked for the first time on Original video nowhere to be found. Link:


Like most faggots, TheAmazingAtheist enjoys writing poetry inspired by topics ranging from "the deep dark abyss of my heart" to "the even deeper, darker abyss of my heart." Propelled by the praise from the kind of manic atheist fuckwits on YouTube who give even Deists and Agnostics a bad name, he has continued sharing his cringe-inducing poetry with the community, considering himself some kind of modern day Ovid.

Somehow I manage to fake a lack of interest
And she untangles the room with her footsteps
Hemorrhaging conversation, I drink her milky words
Like soup from invisible wounds and
Content in my obscurity
Proceed to destroy her
In a gentle manner
Until she is
A man walks through endless desert
Pistol shining in the sunlight
An erratic Morse code
Nevertheless repeating, "doom"

Often has he reddened the sands
With a black song in his black heart
Watched as small hands fell from large hands
Watched as wholes became divided
Into seeming infinities that mock the stars

And this man, who is evil
His shadow on the sand
Always behind him
Is named Salvation

And that is his tragedy
 I dreamed of a mountain
tall enough to scrape the moon
a great man stood beside it
dwarfing it, and soon
he'll place his foot upon it
and ground it into dirt
then he'll swallow up the sun
and bring darkness to the earth

I dreamed of a towering castle
erected to our lusts
It's moat of genetic matter
just a thick and flaky crust
eaten away by parasites
worming in, out and through
it's good enough for them
but nothing ever pleases you

I dreamed of rotten faces
staring in from the abyss
of lives i could have lived
if it had not come to this;
this dream i dared to dream
while I was wide awake
when the epiphany struck me
that not all dreams are fake

I dreamed of false confessions
to conceal my real vice
and sate my mindless want
to reclaim an earthly paradise
a place where i can be alone
but never feel lonely
no need at all for anyone
to comfort, love or hold me

I dreamed that I was once awake
and that my dreams wouldn't come to pass
but the comfort that this gave me
was a lie that couldn't last
so when you want a prophet
but don't want to hear prophecy
I predict that you'd do well
to stay the fuck away from me
Love turned on you and
Suicide turned you on
Death is just what's left when
Every source of pain is gone

Hell is at least hopeless and
Therefore less sadistic than earth
A little ray of light only
Serves to magnify the hurt

The cowards keep on living
Just to spite the love of wisdom
In the choice between dark and light
They've chosen the breathing prison

His Comics

This might explain his hatred towards others.

Terroja is into necrophilia with elderly men.
Terroja Lee KinkAIDS sees himself as being tall,handsome,intelligent,and misunderstood. He probably doesn't know what a mirror is.


His Book (SCUMBAG:Musings of a Subhuman)

No, that's not a joke; that's the genuine title.

Like a typical fag with delusions of grandeur, he's bringing out some shitty book, and 100% of his videos as of late have been trying to sell it. A few hours after his book was published on, Supexcellency, another YouTube Atheist, spread his book around numerous torrent sites for the lulz. When TAA found out, he made several angry neckbeard videos screaming "IM PRESSIN CHARGES!" causing his little army of 13-year-old boy fans to flag Supexecellency's account, which subsequently caused it account to get suspended. It should be noted that TAA admits that he downloads music and movies on a regular basis; he just doesn't like it when it happens to him. Download it here, and give a review below.

The first few pages are pretty much empty. Title page, then some shit about who he loves/who he had secks with, despite the neckbeard. I doubt the validity of this statement since its hard to conceive TAA ever having intercourse with someone who wasn't a man, child or trap. After that is some writing by some asshole named Fakesagan. Skipped it. Then I read the first sentence of the actual book, wasn't impressed and scrolled down to look at all the shitty "artwork". In short: tl;dr. I give it 5 stars out of at least 100.


— Albinotron

This book starts off with a big middle finger towards his "fans" saying he doesn't give a shit about their constructive criticism or messages. Pretty much his whole book is inviting people to "Suck [his] fucking cock" or send him naughty pictures by email or some shit like that. It's pretty much the same strawman arguments over and over again. Religion kills people. Christians are stupid. Nazism, Crusades, Jihad, my penis is small. He even goes as far as to say that atheists are inherently intellectually superior to theists- that it doesn't matter if you convert a Christian to atheism: they are still perpetually stupid. Later, he starts whining over various non-religious aspects of modern society in a very Maddox-esque nonlulzy way. He even says how hard it is being a "internet celebrity." Bitch, please.


— Killamoe

The book starts off with a bunch of shit nobody cares about, and the a foreword by some douchebag. "I've never been a fan of lengthy forewords, so I'll keep this one brief." I wish that were the truth, but it isn't. Its Fakesagan kissing TJ's ass for at least 100 pages. After that bullshit is done, we finally get to...a crayon drawing of TJ? *facepalm* ONCE WE FINALLY GET TO THE FLESH OF THE BOOK, its exactly what the title implies. TJ rambling and ranting about everything and nothing... for 129 pages... Its pretty much his YouTube videos in book form. But unlike his videos, we don't get the entertainment of watching his fat jiggle around, or the tone of unwarranted self-importance in his voice. Jew. Not worth the read. Massive truck of fail, please.


— Flaming-biscuit

His Documentary (No, really)

In another recent attempt to cash in on his interesting life, he has sucked the cock of some pathetic, druggie, absentie farther wigger by the name of Cody Webber (who is clearly a raging faggot) so that he'll make a Failumentary about his obesity and donuts that he's selling for the low, low price of $50!!! As always expect every single video he makes for at least a hundred years to be shamelessly flogging this pathetic display of USI and AIDS. But wait there's more! He's releasing special 'discount' codes (Oh, because so many people who actually like him have the intelligence to remember any combination of buttons.) just to get his entourage of sycophants to OH SHI- BUY! his crappy fail, no doubt he'll have Over 9000 of these last-minute deals.

Protip: Torrent it and spread it like AIDS in a gay bar.

Now his gullible audience can rejoice in utter joy! Why, you'd ask? Because he uploaded the "Director's Cut" of the documentary onto his main channel, that's why. Idiots and drooling fanboys spent $50 on an inferior version of an eventually freely-viewable, boring, ego-stroking, disjointed biography that is falsely advertised as a documentary. Of course, there are those who are totally butthurt over having spent that money, and many of them never having received a copy of the DVD since this piece of shit was released in 2010.

Too bad you can't get a refund. U mad?

Waaah! No one agrees with me!

TheAmazingAtheist removed this video from his channel in just a few hours. The backstory is he got into a spat with PaulsEgo over the issue of caring about anything, sparked by an argument about if people should give a shit about all this Casey Anthony bullshit. In short, PaulsEgo owned his ass and in response, TJ went on a crybaby fest all over the internet looking for sympathy, and was promptly told to GTFO. In response he made this video. Through his thin facade, he's just a crybaby bitch.

Proof TheAmazingAtheist is a pedophile

What philosophers think of TheAmazingAtheist

TAA Vs. FakeSagan

It seems, that despite being best friends forever, TJ's enormous pettiness ended their friendship. What's the reason FakeSagan crossed the line and became an enemy of TJ? He doesn't like Marilyn Manson. Seriously. TJ after learning this proceeded to ban him from his BlogTV channel, make a video bashing FakeSagans favorite band Strapping Young Lad (which has since been removed) and then got a gullible crackwhore whom FakeSagan dated to reveal personal information about him. All over some shitty has been Goth musician. FakeSagan, who's pathetic himself, aired all of this in public, making this the internet version of Jerry Springer.

TJ joins ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, then gets kicked out

A comment from TAA's BAWWing video,
Quoted for truth.

Around late 2010 2009, TJ was able to join the illustrious ranks of the website ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, home of such material as The Nostalgia Critic and Linkara. Seeing a new chance of whoring himself out to a new website, (except this time, instead of bitching to people that Jesus doesn't exist, he would bitch about movie trailers instead), Terroja offered the (then) boss of TGWTG, Mike Ellis, a reach-around, in return for them allowing TAA's greasy presence onto the site. However, due to a combination of Ellis being fired, TAA only making shitty videos and no-one on the site actually liking nor wanting the fat fuck there in the first place, he was quietly let go in the dawn of Autumn, 2011.

However, deciding this unjust treatment must be made public, Terroja uploaded a video about the whole escapade...

From TAA's NotCreative Indiegogo eBegging page,
His "no hard feelings" attitude towards TGWTG is obviously true.

In true egotistical douchbaggeryness, Terroja bitches about how HE should be the top billing (Fuck Doug Walker, It should be TAA's site now: "Fat Guy With The Glasses"), as he's far more popular than the other TGWTG members (so in his head, the lesser popular contributors should be buried, while he solely makes all their potential internet monies). But when the bosses of TGWTG decided to be fair and let the others have a chance to become more popular by promoting their videos equally, TAA considered this an insult to his superior e-Celebrity talents and throws his toys out of the pram by refusing to make any more videos, No more content for TGWTG, that'll teach them!!! cutting his nose off to spite his face.

He also fails to mention in the video, the fact that none of the TGWTG fans wanted to have the fat Jesus-unloving fuck on the site in the first place (including several contributors) and held several petitions to have him removed from the site on the forums (in turn which his mentioned butt buddy, Mike Ellis vetoed). So when Ellis got the boot, the bosses thought it better not to bite the hand that feeds them and kindly show fatty the door.

Cody Weber

Cody Webber, aka SaturnineFilms, a close friend of TJ and methheaded e-begger, who for years has gained notoriety for begging for money from his audience for various projects he never finishes, all the while keeping the money, seems to have surprisingly been a shitty roommate, and ripped off TJ out of a couple money deals:

It should be noted that Cody ditched his own child just to smoke weed. Yeah, TJ, you know how to pick em. After exposing this drama to his fanbase, Cody in a rage of butthurt tried to get any video of TJ's associated with him taken down:

A complete rundown of the situation can be found here:

I guess Cody Webber being a meth head deadbeat didn't send off red flags. Either that or TJ is more naive than he likes to let on.

TAA Pictures

Gallery of TAA

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

His "Art"

TheAmazingAtheist is the worst artist evar!

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery] gallery

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

How to troll TheAmazingAtheist

Protip: simply bringing up EncyclopediaDramatica or calling him fat won't suffice.

  • Bring up Thunderf00t, a rival JewTube atheist whom he's butthurt over for making a video showing how e-beggars and JewTube partners who live off their e-income are living on borrowed time. Despite the fact the video didn't even mention him, he's extremely hurt from it and has tried to troll Thunderf00t by dropping his name (failing at that and dropping a faux name Thunderf00t uses to trick people) and insisting it makes him a fag, despite his given name "Terroja." Check his channel description and there's always a new insult levied against him, he's borderline obsessed with him. (the video that makes him all butthurt:
  • Bring up YouTube Favicon.png StraightD0pe, a YouTuber devoted to exposing liars on the site that while only have nine thousand subscribers compared to TJ's two hundred thousand, still makes him feel butthurt and has attacked him rather viciously on his BlogTV sessions.
  • Make fun of his art. Yes, seriously, he wishes he could sue people for making fun of that MS Paint shit he's drawn.
  • Make fun of Macs. He's a Macfag, though he doesn't actually use one. He actually laments about not having the money to buy those overpriced pieces of shit.
  • Say video games are superior to films. This particularly bothers him because he's been forced to tone down his insults towards video games to appease his fanbase that pays his e-welfare checks.
  • Say that Marilyn Manson sucks: tell him that Manson is now fat and that he sings like a drunk Hello Kitty. It got him to hate his best friend even!
  • Throw any feminazi argument at him and watch him rage.
  • Make fun of him for going on a diet, which won't last long anyway.

Befriending a Troll

Recently, TheAmazingAtheist encountered a seriously new troll who had trouble dealing with a lolcow of this magnitude:

The fail troll's jewtube (TheAntiChrisCometh) can be found here. CLOSED

Judging by the cancer's obsession with making it known that he is indeed from /b/ (in order to gain street cred) and is "troll-enough" to know what ED is, it's easy to assume that [email protected] is also the owner of also now CLOSED, which features two videos about ED and a call to arms to stop his incestuous big brother, BigDaddyBear.

"HORNYDEAR (who apprently has no understanding of irony) recently made two videos complaining about his big brother just because the latter likes to occassionaly play with the former's pooper. It ws apparently HORNYDEAR who introduced BDB to the world of the Furries. What then was he fucking expecting?" However, on the HORNYDEAR account, it suggested that he later committed suicide (see Yatagarasean article for full details).

Sex tape

Like Chris Chan and other famous internet lolcows TAA has finally completed the last bit of the lolcow cycle and released a sex tape with him an a banana.

a fat man with Syrup, Coffee and sticking a Banana up his ass will make any woman wet.

see proof here:

Of course, he thinks he's clever by playing it up in a video and that sending videos of you having anal sex with fruit is some how not disgusting nor perverse. Though the sheep lap it all up (no pun intended), he could make a video where he rapes his way through the holocaust and his idiot fans would still blindly follow him:


TJ, like the planet with a gravitational pull he is (with bananas often puncturing its ass-end), has had another planet with a gravitational pull under his wing for a few years. Also, this probably the intended target for the NotProductive donation drive at the start of the year all along. In 2011, Uranus (TJ) made a statement that he was going to marry Pluto (Holly). He's also been open about his perverse sexual activities with her, such as being the submissive in the relationship, tainting the minds of less fucktarded folk with images of fried dough fucking bleached dough.

As if the idea of Jabba the Hut and his female clone having intercourse, in light of his micropenis, wasn't bad enough, now he's going to be a proud hubbie to a tubby. Given his egoistical and boisterous nature, expect him to flaunt his being attached to her 'til death do them part (probably while doubling down on double down sandwiches) in his videos and on his blog.

TJ makes fun of a rape victim

Jabba's Palace.

In current drama news TJ, in a minor spat with some feminists on reddit, got so pissed off by insults flung his way that he flipped the fuck out and started making fun of a woman when she revealed that she was a victim of rape in the past during an argument about some hypocritical feminnazi's reddit user name 'ICumWhenIKillMen'.

One of TJ's favorite pet topics is feminism, and more specifically, the hypocrisy and bigotry one can find in much of the modern feminist movement. He actually has made a few pretty well-thought out videos and blog post regarding the topic, but after feminist recently zerg-rushed his reddit, he totally lost it and began threatening them with rape (with, "I'm just joking!" said right afterwards of course) in an attempt to offend them. What actually happened was he lost any respect he had from the masses of the internet, and even annoying douchebags like P.Z. Meyer, one of the most celebrated atheists, chimed in on the issue. Moralfags quickly took to the chans and doxxed TJ in retaliation (though he denies it: for something people like George Carlin did 20 years ago which no one seemed to care about then. Ironically these are the same people who get belly laughs from things like Virginia Tech.

The lulz continues.

Yeah. Well, you deserved it. So, fuck you. I hope it happens again soon. I'm tired of being treated like shit by you mean little cunts and then you using your rape as an excuse. Fuck you. I think we should give the guy who raped you a medal. I hope you fucking drown in rape semen, you ugly, mean-spirited cow. Actually, I don't believe you were ever raped! What man would be tasteless enough to stick his dick into a human cesspool like you? Nice gif of a turd going into my mouth. Is that kind of like the way that rapists dick went in your pussy? Or did he use your asshole? Or was it both? Maybe you should think about it really hard for the next few hours. Relive it as much as possible. You know? Try to recall: was it my pussy or my ass?


—TJ, responding to a rape victim who criticized him on his reddit.

I'll make you a rape victim if you don't fuck off.


—TJ, informing the feminists that they are asking for it.

I'll rape you with my fist.


—TJ preparing to administer cunt punches to the rampent feminists.

BTW, you have to admit, when I told you that I hope you drown in rape semen, you got a little wet, didn't you? It's okay. We're friends now. You can share.


—TJ fapping while thinking of rape and generally being a sick fuck.

I am aware of the pretense offered for your violent tendencies towards me. Also, I'm pretty sure I could rape you without getting killed if it was really on my agenda. I mean, you didn't kill the first guy, right?


—TJ weighing up his chances of scoring some free poontang without getting stabbed.

No, I'm not mad. I'm just trying to trigger you. It's not working, I guess. So, I guess the whole triggering thing is bullshit after all?


—TJ trying to get the rape victim to an hero or cut herself or some shit.

Exchange can be found here: The thread can still be viewed but his account was deleted due to massive butthurt.

Coughlan666, the man TJ made cry like a sissy on Youtube in the past, decided to chime in as well:

TJ responds on his tumblr: "That guy is an ingrate. Every time he lost a channel, I helped him rebuild his audience. Then, the second I say something stupid, he pounces on it like its a magic elixir to fix that cancerous growth on his face? I would think that years of helping him keep his audience would earn me at least enough respect for him not to jump on what is easily the dumbest thing I’ve ever said publicly before the echo has even stopped reverberating. It’s almost like he was waiting for an opportunity." Well, he might be butthurt since you made him break down like a little bitch on YouTube. We can only hope TJ will do that again to him.

Coughlan preceded to make another long winded rant on the topic, but upon quickly realizing he's been down this road before and would most likely get his ass torn open again by TJ, he recanted it all:

Potential lulz lost. Oh well.

TJ crying and whining about the negative responses he's gotten since this incident:

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