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Trayvon Martin

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Typical Trayvon Martin supporter.

Last Thursday, a nigger was shot by a spic. Yes, we know, that's not news, it happens all the fucking time. However, when news surfaced of a black man being shot for polluting a gated neighborhood full of rich fucks, what followed was a chimpout the likes of which America hasn't seen since Rodney King. In less than a week, the Old Media proclaimed the nigger to be a martyr for the right to loiter while black, niggers' rights activists such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson descended upon Florida like a plague of locusts, and the man who valiantly stood his ground against the black menace, George Zimmerman, was vilified.

This is the story of Trayvon Martin, and how his death resulted in the greatest trolling of America since some bitch murdered her kid in Florida and got away with it.

Black Man Down

It all started when a nigger felt hawngry. Sometime during the traditional African ritual known as the NBA All Star Basketball Tournament, the young coon ventured forth from his cave in search of fried-chicken and purple drank. Martin wandered to the nearest gas station, bought some iced tea and Skittles then made a speedy getaway before the now traumatised cashier could call animal control.

Cue our hero, George Zimmerman. The friendly cholo was minding his own business in his truck when the aforementioned animal appeared in the rear-view window squawking to it's Sheneequa girlfriend on the celly. Doing what any terrified man staring an angry gorilla in the face would do, he called the police. The situation appeared decidedly grave, the nigger wouldn't leave. It was then that Zimmerman knew what he had to do; he had to take matters into his own hands and defend his neighborhood from the negroid invasion. Grabbing his gun, he stepped out of his car only Trayvon turned and ran like the coward he was... but not fast enough. Zimmerman sprang into action. It is alleged that this was when Martin transformed into Travis the Killer Chimp, and attacked. Zimmerman was a bloody mess. Thankfully, however, Zimmerman was able to pull his gun during the brutal mauling and defend himself with remarkably lethal efficiency.

That should have been the end. It should have been a crisis averted. But sadly, this was only the beginning for a man who should have been a hero in the eyes of America.

The Black Beast Awakens

Sanford, Florida is now in a state of emergency.
That white, pasty honky who killed an innocent black boy.
Trayvon martin new york post.png

It seemed, at first, that Zimmerman wasn't going to get charged for doing society a favor and removing one more nigger from the gene pool. Under Florida's "Stand Your Ground" laws, Zimmerman couldn't be charged, as pretty much anything can be called self defense in Florida, including being mauled by an angry chimp.

Zimmerman was lauded by the Sanford Police Department for being a hero, because thanks to him, the gated community full of rich white people was safe once again, and they could all sleep soundly knowing one less darkie was looking to steal their televisions and bikes. Almost immediately after Trayvon's body was removed, the neighborhood smelled that much better. But not for long.

Resulting chimpouts and riots

I was just trying to make a point,for Trayvon


—A stupid nigger

Then, things got worse. You see, you don't simply shoot a nigger, even as they're chimping out. Almost immediately as Zimmerman was declared to be innocent, a great, mighty screech was heard 'round the country, as angry niggers flocked to Florida in droves, demanding justice for the death of their niglet brother. The Old Media soon followed, shouting the usual 'travesty' and 'injustice' negroid-apologist bullshit. Even the Republicunts who originally wrote the Stand Your Ground law pussied out in the face of the great, black horde. Zimmerman wasn't just called a murderer who killed a kid; he was white. It seemed that nothing would appease the herd of chimps beating down the door of Zimmerman.

The Shitstorm

The horde marches on Sanford.

All throughout March of 2012, the media smearjob tried painting Zimmerman as everything from a violent redneck to a southern cracker who hates niggers; basically, everything except what he actually is, that being a typical beaner. Trayvon's parents continued crying on television every chance they got, about how they demand justice and how the death of their niglet ruined their lives despite making them national figures.

The longer Trayvon Martin's face stayed in the news, the more fucked everything got. Geraldo Rivera, for example, claimed that Trayvon was killed not because he was shitting up a white neighborhood, but because he was wearing a fucking hoodie. Two days later, Zimmerman's lawyer, Craig Sonner, pussied out of an interview with Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC at the last second after agreeing to it.

The pervasive odour of piss might play a part.

Meanwhile, in Sanford, Florida, what used to be a relatively peaceful city has become a sort of Mecca for butthurt negroids, with almost daily marches up and down busy streets, preventing good white folks from going to work so that these same niggers can get their welfare checks. All throughout Sanford, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson's voices can be heard, screaming in their chimp language about how Trayvon is a martyr and how justice must be served, thus erasing any semblance of sympathy for Trayvon's death by wishing they'd just GTFO their city and stop stinking it up.

It wasn't long until the right wing decided they needed to stick their teabags into the issue. Because the shooting of a nigger by anyone other than another nigger inevitably turns into ammunition to use in gun rights debates, the right donned their KKK hoods and rode into the battlefield on their white horses. On March 28th, 2012, they dug up pics of Trayvon dressed like a gangsta, found a Twitter handle named NO LIMIT NIGGA (which has since been baleeted) on which he spouted various ebonics-laden rants about how black he be, all of which served to prove that he did indeed deserve to be shot.

Stylish and practical...

Over the course of the next few weeks, Geraldo Rivera apologized for his comments about hoodies, Trayvon Martin's parents cried repeatedly on television at least once a day, and a few videos surfaced showing Zimmerman walking into a police station twenty-five minutes after shooting Trayvon. Zimmerman had claimed that Trayvon chimped out mauled him like an angry monkey and Zimmerman had to shoot him to protect his life, but no blood is shown on him despite having to shoot Trayvon at point-blank range. Some argue this proves that Zimmerman is a liar, when in reality, it just shows that Zimmerman is a professional nigger slayer and knows how to hide the evidence.

On April 2nd, 2012, the party van arrived in Sanford to bother the neighbors of El Negro Asesino, asking if they know anything about a dead nigger. They replied that while they noticed that their neighborhood smells a little bit better than it did a little over a month ago, but other than that, just repeated the same old bullshit about someone yelling for help followed by some gunshots. Two days later, the liberal media issued an apology and admitted that they forged evidence by editing a video to make it sound like Zimmerman shot Trayvon because he was black... not that there's anything wrong with that.

Bracing for Epic

Prepare your anus.

On April 5th, the city of Sanford made a call to the Department of Justice, and deployed extra police officers, fire-fighters, and riot police while asking nearby cities and the federal government for help. One can only imagine what this means, as the phone call coincides with the expected decision by the "special prosecutor" regarding the decision of whether or not to charge Zimmerman with Trayvon's murder. The timing of the report is interesting, as Angela Corey, the special prosecutor appointed by Gov. Rick Scott, is expected to reach a decision on whether or not to charge Zimmerman sometime this month.

It sounds like they're expecting a Category Five Chimpout in the next couple of days.

"Yeah, I'm worried if he's not charged (that) we're gonna have trouble in this town,"


Jimbo Carter, On how well niggers take bad news.

Anon hacks a roadsign in Michigan to express their opinion on the subject.

"If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon."


Barack Obama, On how they all look the same.

On April 9th, Angela Corey announced that there will be no Grand Jury hearing on the Zimmerman case. Either she's planning on sticking it to the niggers directly while taking the blame for the resulting chimpout that will follow, or she wants to bypass the legal process altogether and throw Zimmerman in the slammer herself.

Great Injustice

Information icon.png As this is a current event, expect frequent updates. Still, we all know how this will end anyway.

On April 11th, 2012, Corey announced that George Zimmerman will be charged. Unfortunately, the day before, Zimmerman vanished off the fucking face of the earth, so much so that his own lawyers dropped him as their client because they couldn't get in contact with him. Initial speculation is that Zimmerman has set out to dethrone the current hide and seek world record holder. Run, George, run!

A patriot expresses his sentiments at Ohio State University's Hale Center, they also proceeded to write nigger all over campus and as a finishing touch swastikas upon an Obama mural at OSU Black Historical Center.

Update: Zimmerman is currently in custody in an unnamed jail in Florida awaiting arraignment on second degree murder, where he is now Bubba's new fuck-toy. All because he defended himself against this upstanding young man. He quickly put together an award winning website asking for money to ensure that he doesn't end up where any good society keeps its niggers.

Black people everywhere celebrated in the streets the only way they know how while leaving offerings of fried chicken and malt liquor to their one true God.


So young, so soon, so black... About missing Pics
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