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She's a mod, so she can do that.


——Livewire_466, making the greatest revalation in all forum history

PokéCommunity, also known as Teh PogeyCommunitey by the diaper fuckers that inhabit it, is the place for you to go if you got b& from Bulbagarden or Serebii and want a laid back alternative to the harsh conditions compared to your old home. Run by the basement-dwelling retard PPN Steve, the PokeCommunity has been full of fail and AIDS since its birth.

A World Where Everyone is Modded

In most forums on the internets, it is a privilege and honor to be made a moderator of a forum by the upper staff. However, the PokéCommunity sees that it should be otherwise. On PokéCommunity, everyone gets to be modded. And by everyone, we mean all of the internet cool kids who know how to post farm in order to nurse their pathetic self esteem to livable levels. So, if you're a k3wl k1d here, you get to mod and be better than everyone else, like totally.

IRC Trolling

Very few have bothered venturing into the depths of fail contained within Pokémon fansites, but have no fear, for we have some IRC logs to show for the faggotry at tPC.

First Blood

This one is an IRC logging mission endeavor aimed at exposing the general status quo of how pokefags operate on a web-based IRC channel for an online Pokemon battle server. Please note that Slate'sLoveBug is a pessimistic turd who show's Robert (seen later) who's REALLY boss by telling him to fuck off in pokélanguage.

Slate'sLoveBug: well not yet
Slate'sLoveBug: ugh i need a smoke
Slate'sLoveBug: afk for a lil while
udder poop: smoking is bad
Slate'sLoveBug: well bad times call for bad measure
Slate'sLoveBug: s
@Jelliurk: smoking can cause forest fires
@Jelliurk: then derk could be injured
@Jelliurk: :(
udder poop: which lead to deforestation
udder poop:
OrangeTheKid joined
udder poop: so um
udder poop: how was everyone's day
Slate'sLoveBug: bad day
+Aurora joined
@Jelliurk: hi aurora
udder poop: hi aurora
+Aurora: helo
@novae: i like how this dumb fern joke is still happening
@novae: sup aurora
+Aurora: yeah
+Aurora: you guys better fern-ish off that joke
udder poop: lol
udder poop: that would be fern-tastic
@Captain Syrup joined
udder poop: hi shawn
@Jelliurk: hi shawn
@Captain Syrup: hey kids, havin' a good night?
@Jelliurk: yaaaaaa
@Jelliurk: you?
Slate'sLoveBug: yeah
udder poop: derk isnt
@Jelliurk: sounds fun
@Jelliurk: n_n
Slate'sLoveBug: shawn is doronjo right?
udder poop: yea
Slate'sLoveBug: do you know the amap error 12 shawn?
@Jelliurk: brb
@Zebraiken joined; @Jelliurk left
Slate'sLoveBug: hey vrai
udder poop: hi vrai
@Vrai: hola
Mr Chidori joined
Mr Chidori: hello
+Aurora: this is the first team i have built in a long time
Slate'sLoveBug: isnt chidori jate?
Mr Chidori: yup
Slate'sLoveBug: hey jate
Mr Chidori: hey slate!
Slate'sLoveBug: +Aurora: this is the first team i have built in a long time
+Aurora: hi zebraiken
Slate'sLoveBug: this isnt the first time ive killed someone
Slate'sLoveBug: only if my bro
Slate'sLoveBug: can see this
Slate'sLoveBug: ugh i haet hiim
@Captain Syrup: Slate'sLoveBug: do you know the amap error 12 shawn?
Lady Gunner left
@Captain Syrup: nope?
Slate'sLoveBug: i get that when i open spanish roms
Slate'sLoveBug: amap is totally racist
@Captain Syrup left
udder poop: bye shawn
Slate'sLoveBug: brb playing manhunt whilst smoking
Mr Chidori: k see ya
udder poop: smoking causes cancer
~skylight joined
udder poop: hi nica
~skylight: hi
Mr Chidori: hi nica!
+Aurora: hi nica
@Jelliurk joined; Guest 1213 left
~skylight: is vrai really here
udder poop: wb jelly
~ISkylight left
@Jelliurk: ty
@novae: ya he's modding main
@Jelliurk: someone randbat meeeee
Lady Gunner joined; Guest 1214 left
Random Battle started between @Jelliurk and udder poop.
Robert Q. Roberts joined
Robert Q. Roberts: this place reeks of fail
udder poop: thanks
udder poop: <3
@Jelliurk: hello good sir
Robert Q. Roberts: I don't understand why things have to continue sucking on the internet
Robert Q. Roberts: especially where weeaboos like to inhabit, it gets worse
udder poop: are you a weeaboo?
Mr Chidori: hello dear sir
Robert Q. Roberts: far from it. My sister's a good example of a huge pile of weeaboo fail though, so I know what most 

weeaboos look like IRL
udder poop: your sister is a pile?
Robert Q. Roberts: nope
Robert Q. Roberts: she's a huge pile of fail
udder poop: the stress from that must be why you troll pokemon servers
Robert Q. Roberts: stress? idk that's kind of a stretch
udder poop: how was your day?
Mr Chidori: ^
Robert Q. Roberts: pretty good actually. I enjoyed some reading, and played Monopoly with my family, if it matters.
udder poop: that's great
udder poop: what did you have for lunch?
Slate'sLoveBug: I'm just gonna ask straight away..
Slate'sLoveBug: Why are you complaining to us?
Slate'sLoveBug: you could talk to you sister about it
Mr Chidori: best idea ever^
Robert Q. Roberts: I just get fed up with myself when it comes to tolerating mass amounts of beautiful life gone to waste.
Slate'sLoveBug: and I am to care why?
@Jelliurk: slate be nice please
Slate'sLoveBug: im js
Slate'sLoveBug: if you hate the internet
Robert Q. Roberts: I don't hate the internet.
Slate'sLoveBug: no reason for you to be in it in the first place
+Aurora left
Robert Q. Roberts: I love the cozy hideouts where things are what they truly are.
Slate'sLoveBug: and this is a cozy hideout how?
Robert Q. Roberts: Oh hoho, this is quite the contrary.
Slate'sLoveBug: indeed..
Robert Q. Roberts: Encyclopedia Dramatica is a good example of a final arbiter of truth.
Slate'sLoveBug: just a reminder if your gonna continue
udder poop: so is 50 Shades of Grey
Slate'sLoveBug: ^
Robert Q. Roberts: Yup
Mr Chidori: idek what's going on now
Slate'sLoveBug: well considering a dude who hates the internet but wants to find a paradise of truth in a place like this.. I 

say your looking at the wrong place..
Slate'sLoveBug: May I suggest the library..
Slate'sLoveBug: Or Possibly my Psychiatrist
Robert Q. Roberts: Never was lookin' here, sonny.
Slate'sLoveBug: If you were never lookin' here then why still continue to stay here
Slate'sLoveBug: well this is your "cozy hideout" after all
Robert Q. Roberts: there's a purpose I serve here. One you wouldn't quite understand.
Lady Gunner left
Slate'sLoveBug: which is?
Robert Q. Roberts: And Slate, I admire how clever you are when you try to stick words in my mouth out of presumtion. It'd 

work like a charm, if only I was 8.
Slate'sLoveBug: Well considering that your name is the same as your surname
Slate'sLoveBug: I'd say your not a day over 3
@novae: i must say, this chat is really colorful
Slate'sLoveBug: but this is the internet after all
udder poop: lol
@Pleurnicheur joined
@novae: but the decoration of this chat aside please do play nice
@novae: HI TOM
@novae: <3
Robert Q. Roberts: so smart. A+, Slate! A+! no srsly lolololololol
@Pleurnicheur: hi
udder poop: TIM
udder poop: OMG
udder poop: hi
+Zeffy joined
@Pleurnicheur: clacla I assume
udder poop: pfft
@Pleurnicheur: hi zeffy
+Zeffy: hi
@Jelliurk: hi tom/zeffers
Robert Q. Roberts: alright, my mission's done. I will probably not see you guys again, so ttyl not. :DDDD
udder poop: Bye Rob