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|They even have this policy, it's WP colon DICK, it's called '''don't be a dick''' and it's fucking hilarious because '''they're all fucking dicks'''|[[hipcrime]]
|Dear Wikipedia readers: We are the small non-profit that runs the #5 website in the world. We have only 150 staff but serve 500 million users, and have costs like any other top site: servers, power, programs, and staff. Wikipedia is something special. It is like a library or a public park. It is like a temple for the mind, a place we can all go to think and learn. To protect our independence, we'll never run ads. We take no government funds. We survive on donations averaging about $30. Now is the time we ask. If everyone reading this gave $3, our fundraiser would be done within an hour. If Wikipedia is useful to you, take one minute to keep it online and ad-free another year. Please help us forget fundraising and get back to Wikipedia. Thank you.|TOW begging [[Jews]] for their [[Jew golds]].
|And you will never find a more wretched hive of pseudoskeptical, atheistic scum and villainy. We must be cautious.|With apologies to Sir Alec Guinness
|Great idea, wrong species|E.O. Wilson (on communism, but he meant Wikipedia)
|Verifiability, not truth|Wikipedo's content policy. It's okay to cite a supermarket tabloid as proof, provided you do cite it.
[[Image:720px-Illustration of anal bead use svg.png|thumb|right|Vectored TOW porn. That means they spend time tracing over the lines.]]
[[Image:Wiki-fisting.png|thumb|The kind of [[shit]] you find on TOW. '''[[Wikipedia:Fisting|Added at Jimbo's /r/]]''']]
[[File:Wikipedia wobble.gif|thumb|BULLSHITTING INTENSIFIES]]
[[Image:Wikipedia-lolcat.jpg|thumb|Why Wikipedia is full of shit.]]
[[Image:Wikipedia cat.jpg|thumb|Why the rest of the internet is full of shit.]]
[[Image:Wikiwar.jpg|thumb|Mychael Styne will boom us all.]]
[[image:Anon loves wikipedia.png|thumb|[[Anonymous]] loves Wikipedia.]]
[[image:Waisted.jpg|thumb|Anonymous is also a wasted idiot.]]
[[image:Wikibonk.jpg|thumb|Finally, Anonymous bonk.]]
[[Image:Gwash.png|thumb|Classic. Wikipedia controls Google.]]
[[Image:Jackson is dead.jpg|thumb|[[Michael Jackson|MJ]] is dead even on Wikipedia.]]
[[Image:Nigrapedia.png|thumb|Wikipedia is closed due [[DDoS]].]]
[[Image:Wikipedia-edit-wars.png|thumb|Traditional Wikipedia debate topics.]]
[[Image:Portable toilet.jpg|300px|thumb| A Wikipedia article is like a portable toilet: Even if it is clean and polished now it will eventually be filled with a lot of shit and start stinking.]]
'''World of Wikipœdia''', or Wikipedia, is a blog justified by news pages from corrupt media, which they refer to as "references". It is considered an "encyclopedia" and the best of [[humanity]], proof for to how the [[mental retardation]] has contaminated the entire [[world]] population. Also is a [[MMORPG|massive multiplayer online role-playing game]] in which some [[geek]] braggarts compete to paraphrase [[TL;DR]] information into a shorter, reader-friendlier format. However, unlike any other MMORPG, the major rewards and upgrades are to players' perceived expertise on their own edits, which players can trade in for sparse IRL recognition or can add to their [[no life|sparse lists of personal accomplishments]].
During gameplay, Wikipedia players can gain more authority as they progress, with "Administrator" and "Double-O Licensed" rankings granting them access to GOD MODE. While the rules for winning the game are a tightly-kept secret, it is believed that the winner is treated to a night of accolades and praise from Wikipedia overlord [[Jimbo Wales]].
(There's also pieces of an "encyclopedia" buried in there, among the articles about [[anime]] fanboy crap and [[football]].)
[[Image:Ruins.jpg|thumb|left|250px|Wikipedia as of {{CURRENTYEAR}}.]]
The Wikipedia game originally began as a plot to streamline the [[plagiarism]] of college essays. Said plot was evil, so naturally, a [[Jew]] was involved. Once the Jew realized that tricking narcissists into self-indentured servitude was an easy way to profit, he immediately began a campaign to turn all Google users into "contributors" to the full-blown cut and paste orgy of his design.
The encyclopedic aspect of Wikipedia began as a butthurt reaction to its more popular predecessor, Encyclopedia Dramatica. Over time, Wikipedia began to feature more and more interesting topics like the lives of 17th century rabbis, characteristics of the 57th termite chromosome, and Hollywood films including one or more of the ''Sesame Street'' Muppets - in other words, content with no real relevance to internet culture. It now also functions as a limited medical journal (which is useless to its contributor base) and criminal resource for retards.
TOW players, however, got a bit headstrong about the actual value of their contributions, and even the Jew conjurer himself began to think of it as the 21st Century's Library of Alexandria. Indeed, this sustains the standard ''modus operandi'' of Wikipedoes, Jews, Liberals and all who believe that re-writing pre-written facts garners respect from people who can't tell the difference and don't give a damn.
==Progression through [[the Game]]==
{{morphquote|morphquote|background-color: white; margin: auto;|font-weight: bold;
|Pseudo-scholarship (from pseudo- + scholarship) is a work (e.g., publication, lecture) or body of work '''that is presented as, but is not, the product of rigorous and objective study or research;''' the act of producing such work; or the pretended learning upon which it is based|[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pseudo-scholarship Do go on...]
|Pseudohistory is akin to pseudoscience in that '''both forms of falsification are achieved using the methodology that purports to, but does not, adhere to the established standards of research for the given field of intellectual enquiry to which the pseudoscience claims to be a part, and which offers little or no supporting evidence for its plausibility.'''|[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pseudohistory Tell me more...]
|'''You do!''' Yes, anyone can be bold and edit an existing article or create a new one, and '''volunteers do not need to have any formal training.'''|[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Who_writes_Wikipedia%3F "Who writes Wikipedia?"]
|Wikipedia is written largely by amateurs. '''Those with expert credentials are given no additional weight.'''|*cough* [[Essjay]] *cough* [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:About#Strengths.2C_weaknesses.2C_and_article_quality_in_Wikipedia "Strengths and Weaknesses of Wikipedia] (it doesn't say whether this is a strength or a weakness)
|In Wikipedia, verifiability means that anyone using the encyclopedia can check that the information comes from a reliable source.|So why do you pretend to be an encyclopedia, when you've admitted that you're just a link-farm?
You grind by writing articles in a concise, yet obtuse way. This is achieved by ignoring copyediting rules and flavor your material with unwarranted sesquipedalianism (If you did not have to look up this word [[you]] are probably... See! The insulting remark appeared in your head! No one even had to spell it out for you!) It is rumored that by 2020 Wikipedia:s user base will be replaced with Google Paraphrase, a software in development.
===Leveling up===
Each time someone complains to you on your user page, you have gained a level. This is easily achieved, since everything you do will yield complaint: both constructive work and vandalism.
===Player versus player===
How to go player versus player in Wikipedia.
#Remove a raw addition to an article which you easily could have fixed or replaced yourself, and which really does not do any harm. In the very least, it could be used as a pedagogical example for newcomers how an article ''not'' should be written.
#Write an essay on the talk page explaining why the addition was removed citing a lot of so called policies, guidelines and essays. Ignoring the fact that said rules, guidelines and essays was not created to stop newcomers, but to help them understand how Wikipedia works, and also was created to stop dickheads like yourself.
#Get your reversion contested.
#Initiate a voting game for how the issue should be handed.
#An administrator who is the [[judge]] in the voting games, rules in your favour despite the outcome, because he will never thwart the effort of a fellow avocation aficionado bureaucrat, despite how stupid [[you]] are.
#Run amok removing things over the whole site, citing said voting game as if Wikipedia was a court room.
===How the Game Typically Progresses===
#You make edits to articles
#Your edits get reverted by [[aspie]] [[fucktard]]s
#You revert them back and they in turn revert again
#You bicker on the talk page of the article
#You whine about the aspies on the administrator noticeboards accusing them of being uncivil, they in turn accuse you of assuming bad faith
#You open a Request for Comment on their behavior
#You take them to arbitration
#[[Jimbo]] profits
{{frame|<youtube>_RTirBSmg0I</youtube><center><big>'''A [[nerd]] listening to some [[Jew|Dutchfag]] on<br>Wikipedia reading the longest name evar'''</big></center>}}
===Gaining Experience Points===
*1 vandal reversion = 1 exp (a ''vandal'' is defined as an editor with a different point of view than yours)
*1 legitimate edit to a page = 2 exp
*1 article created (assuming it stays) = 20 exp
*1 Good Article = 100 exp
*1 Featured Article = 200 exp
*1 report to AIV or UAA = 5 exp
*1 page deleted via AfD = 20 exp
*1 page deleted via PROD or CSD = 10 exp
*1 support for an [[Rfa]] = 20 exp
*1 article with POV or misinformation inserted into = 100 exp
*1 user blocked as a result of drama created = 50 exp
*1 instance of getting a page blocked = Over 9000 exp
===TOW Ranks===
*Rollback > 10,000 exp
*Administrator > 100,000 exp
*Bureaucrat > 500,000 exp
*Checkuser or Oversight > 500,000 exp
==[[Power Word|Power Words]]==
Employ the following words to increase your wiki [[bullshit|credibility]]:
*[[Wikipedia:Camel_notation|CamelCase]] - Sticking two words together to form the silhouette of a [[vagoo]].
*[[Wikipedia:Antisemitic_canard|Canard]] - some sort of Jew bird that eats fetuses and desecrates churches.
*Good faith - A codeword for the [[13 year old boy]]s for which wikipedians are on the prowl.
*[[Portmanteau]] - A sexual device used by wikipedians to have buttsecks regardless of gender or disability.
*Schism - A euphemism for a [[catfight]].
*Shoa - a mythical tale of an effeminate mustachioed hero who defeats a horde of greedy beasts.
*Admonish - To tie up and make gay manlove with the one that doesn't have complete faith in the Church of Jimbo.
*Redact - To run circles around a pole until exhaustion
*Coatrack - A maniacal stick use by wikipedians to hang their coats on.
*Disambiguation - A process whereby someone who is unsure about their sexuality undergoes painful gender reassignment surgery.
==Acceptable Sources==
Wikipedia has very strict standards regarding the sources you can use when editing. The following is a list of some of the most common ones.
*[[The Guardian]]
*[[Daily Kos]]
*Huffington Post
*Junge Welt
*PinkPaper UK
*[[Michael Moore]] documentaries
*Countdown, with [[Keith Olbermann]]
*Anything by [[Noam Chomsky]]
*Some stupid [[nigger]]'s asshole
*Anything licked or stolen by [[Jews]]
Additionally, many editors simply cite obscure books that no one owns. That way, no one will ever check to see if they're bullshitting or not.
==The Never-Ending Story==
A common misconception is that "Wikipedia is never finished." Remember, each Wikipedia article you come across was forged from the blood of thousands of angsty [[teenager]]s [[edit war|edit warring]] over really important facts about the world.
The real problem with Wikipedia is the Wikipedians. From players to sysops, every member of its community is the scum of the internets - worse than spammers, worse than [[script kiddies]] and [[Nigeria|Nigerian scammers]], and worse than [[IRC]]ers. The average Wikipedia user has the [[Wikipedia:User_talk:|intelligence of a seal]], and [[Wikipedia:Commons:File:Smegma_Penis02.mirrored.jpg|bathes or showers once a month]].
Wikipedia is full of people with no desire to improve what it is intended for, information. Instead, they want to grow their [[e-penis]] and one day become a [[mod]].
The only way to save the Wikipedia [[MMORPG]] is to delete all usernames and only allow two players to be its administrators: [[Grawp]] and [[Willy on Wheels]]. All other accounts will be reduced to powerless IP addresses. Its' users will then continuing their bitching and pedantic arguing. [[Tosh.0|Tosh]] had the right idea: get over there and post some fucked up shit.
==WP:Administrators are masters of the truth and the universe==
Wikipedia mods come trolling the world from the heyday of the page between retards <s>and the search results of [[Google]]</s>. Mankind has been trolled in its entirety by no more than a bunch of Aspies, who just log in for World Domination, Believe or Not!. The magic of the Electronic Dictatorial Totalitarian Democracy, all in the name of volunteering for the [[NOT|best idea of the world for an encyclopedia]]. Long Live Wikipedia!.
==Tips On Vandalizing Wikpedia==
*Subtly insert false info, such as changing a person's birth date from 1970 to 1990, or insert info that is not obviously false, like: "x was a distant cousin of Bill Gates."
*Make a new account every time you vandalize, so that even if you are caught, the admin can't revert all your past vandalisms.
*Vandalize articles that are not actively watched by a lot of editors, such as biography of obscure living persons.
*Always create an informative edit summary for your edits. For extra points, make up a spiffy character set with nonbreaking spaces...
:*Examples: ▲ ʙ ɮ Ⅽ Ⅾ ∈ Ⅎ Ғ Ɠ ╠╣ℍ █ ▄█ K █▄ █▀█▀█ █▀█ ●  ℙ ☭ Ⓡℙℝ ▄█▀ ▀█▀ █▄█ ▀▄▀ █▄█▄█ ✖ 匕 ▀█▄ ● ❛❜ This will help your edits look super respectable!
==TOW & ED==
''See also: [[:Wikipedia_Articles_for_deletion/Encyclopedia_Dramatica|Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Encyclopedia Dramatica]], [[ED vs TOW]], and [[Encyclopedia Dramatica:ED vs. Wikipedia]]''
[[Image:ED vs Wikipedia.jpg|thumb|left|ED [[OhInternet|had]] [[Tits or GTFO|tits]], therefore [[TOW]]-[[fanboy|fans]] are [[homosexual]].]]
[[Image:Slanderous_WHORES.JPG|thumb|Wikipedia, not biased about ED at all.]]
[[Image:ED on TOW.jpg|thumb|We're back!]]
[[Image:44407e8f.jpg|thumb|Even as a source, they still hate us.]]
It all started one day when [[Jameth]], typing with only his [[cock|penis]], attempted to enter the [[mediacrat]] drama as a Wikipedia entry. It was [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Mediacrat|discussed and denied]]. This act alone sparked the creation of the wiki [[you]] are reading right now.
Every year, Wikipedia pretends that they are going to delete the [[Recovered|Encyclopedia Dramatica article]]. [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Encyclopedia Dramatica|Occasionally]] they do for brief intervals, mostly on the grounds of hosting the previously-deleted [[Mediacrat]] entry, but usually they [[Wikipedia:w/index.php?title=Encyclop%C3%A6dia_Dramatica&action=history|wuss]] [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/Encyclopaedia Dramatica|out]] of it.
Wikipedia's steadfast refusal to host an [[Encyclopedia Dramatica]] article has been the source of a great deal of hilarious [[drama]] on the site. Yet [[TOW]] continues to cover up any controversy associated with the topic and deny the creation of the article, even one that is unoffensive, informative, and well written. Wikipedia has articles on [[Wikipedia:Bukkake|Bukkake]], [[Wikipedia:Goatse.cx|Goatse]], [[Wikipedia:2 Girls 1 Cup|2 Girls 1 Cup]], an extensive disambiguation page on [[Wikipedia:Dong|dong]]s (including a page on a male [[porn]] star named [[Wikipedia:Long Dong Silver|"Long Dong Silver"]]), and [[God]] knows what else. However, they have refused to allow a page on [[ED]] simply out of spite.
Update: Last closing argument (aside from [[Sceptre]]'s faggotry):
{{squote|Encyclopedia Dramatica – Reclosing this for the second time. We have a consensus - i.e we want to see an extremely well written draft with impeccable sources before we touch this again.|Spartaz Humbug! 19:54, 3 May 2008 (UTC)}}
'''An [[Wikipedia:Encyclopedia Dramatica|Encyclopedia Dramatica article]] has been up on Wikipedia, in all its lulztastic, properly sourced and cited glory since [[Wikipedia:Talk:Encyclopedia_Dramatica|at least May 2010]].'''
As expected, it took only a few hours for many [[Wikipedo]]s to go into childlike tantrums, thus forcing yet another deletion review, deletion review number 57 to be exact. The topic of this deletion review is to determine the validity of sources. When the article was created, the source list was actually larger than the article itself, but this has since been trimmed down for a number of arbitrary reasons, the most prevalent being that TOW's editors are unable to live up to their own retarded rules. However, the overall consensus is that the article should stay and that anyone who says otherwise is a [[hypocrite]] who is simply [[butthurt]] over ED's treatment of [[TOW]] and its editors and fails to realize that this immature behavior will only further the problem.
==What is a Wiki? An Example of Supreme Idiocy==
[[File:USS liberty - the final solution.png|thumb|"Verifiability above truth, and Israeli propaganda before either"]]
[[Image:Semfaceani.gif|thumb|Not-so-subtle [[racism]] on the [[Wikipedia:Facial_(sex_act)|facial page]].]]
[[Image:No to Wikipedia.png|thumb|left|<font face="Impact" size="2pt">For a better world; say NO to '''Wik&#8202;ipedia'''. Do not be cajoled in the "encyclopedia" for the [[Poverty|<font color="black">poor</font>]].</font>]]
*[[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Requests_for_arbitration/Charles_Darwin-Lincoln_dispute|Edit war dispute]]. A full out tribunal complete with e-court and e-arbitration and extra special e-punishment. The users are serving their e-sentences with 1 month bans and Wikipedia-style "house arrests" in which they cannot edit certain articles and must behave in a certain way. The entire argument stems from the fact that Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln share a birthday. This resulted in huge [[lulz]] for everyone else but none for them, while Wikipedophiles got all [[emo]].
*[[Wikipedia:Talk:USS_Liberty_incident|Talk page about USS Liberty]] in which [[Jayjg]] attempts to argue with the vice president of the USS Liberty Veterans Association about the Liberty incident. Yes, [[Wikipedia:Talk:USS_Liberty_incident/Archive_2#Hopefully_something_to_be_quickly_resolved_...|an Israeli agent involved in the cover-up]] is allowed to always have the last word on the article, not someone who was actually there and involved in the events in question.
*People who think that Wikipedia can love them back are always easy to troll. Case in point: [[Wikipedia:User_talk:Vanboto|Vanboto]], who discovered that a few people guarded the article on the song "Rock Lobster" with a passion, reverting all edits which tried to insert the fact that it was once played on ''[[Family Guy]]''. His response: a brave and bold display of insanity, petty reverts, harassment, personal attacks, irrelevant responses, and trolling. In short, clearly admin material if not for the fact that he was obviously there to have fun and not contribute in any meaningful way, as evidenced by his constant references to ''[[Fresh_Prince|The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air]]'', ''[[Dungeons & Dragons]]'', and ''[[Pokemon]]''. End result: a permaban and much drama. That'll do, [[troll]], that'll do... on the other hand, trolling wikipedos who think they're the "keymaster and gatekeeper" of articles is most necessary.
*The courageous protectors of Katie Couric have decided that citing [[South Park]] makes their [[butthurt]] and so it's OK to [[Wikipedia:w/index.php?title=User_talk:|call people useless dicks and tell them to go fuck themselves]]. To those who suffer from amnesia, [http://www.southparkstudios.com/clips/155640/ here is the clip] that angered these [[faggot]]s and made them call the [[Waaaambulance]].
*[[Wikipedia:Talk:Hot_dog|The discussion page for the article on Hot dogs]]. It's about <s>10</s> '''38''' pages long and filled with drama. About HOT DOGS.
*[[Wikipedia:w/index.php?title=Special%3ASearch&search=wikipedia+vandalism&fulltext=Search|Certain searches]] mysteriously "failing"
*[[Wikipedia:William_Shatner's_musical_career|William Shatner's musical career]]
*[[John Seigenthaler Sr.]] - Exposing the Kennedy assassin.
*[[Wikipedia:Talk:Feces/archive1|Their pants-wetting terror of poop]].
*[[Wikipedia:Talk:Semen|A bitchfest about an image of semen]].
*[[Wikipedia:Talk:Child_pornography|Talk page about Child pornography]], their favorite subject. [[Wikipedos]] argue that the [[CP]] article needs moar CP plox. For further lulz, check out the archives.
*Wikipedia is somehow controlled by both the far right and the far left wing political parties at the same time, creating a paradox, without any lulz.
*A place to [[Wikipedia:Talk:Mudkip/Archive02#Anti-mudkip_bias|argue about discrimination against Mudkips]], while providing images showing how one can keep [[Mudkip]]'s fin erect.
*[[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:LAME|WP:LAME]] contains a full list of Wikipedia's dumbest content disputes - including full-out edit wars over everything from the height and weight of [[Street Fighter]] characters, whether the title of [[Avril Lavigne]]'s hit single "I'm with You" should have a capitalized "W", the cup size of a female ''[[Final Fantasy]]'' character, to whether or not Daffy Duck fathered any children, and more - yes these were all real edit wars, [[srsly]].
*[[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Songs_about_Wikipedia|A collection of fan-written songs about Wikipedia]], most of which are stolen from well known popular songs (ex. "Doncha' wish your Pedia was Free like Me?" - ripped off from a Pussycat Dolls single).
*What could possibly be more useful than [[Wikipedia:Category:Living_people|a nine-trillion page category comprising an alphabetical list of all Wikipedia biographies with subjects who are currently still alive?]] Because obviously you can't trust the individual articles themselves and so this list is bound to be more up-to-date and reliable, not to mention convenient.
Please donate to pay for Wikipedia's bandwidth, wikipedo activities and hosting fees, paying off Grawp to ''not'' vandalize Wikipedia.
==Why it's Generally a Huge Bucket of [[Pelican Shit]]==
[[Image:AEdunk.jpg|thumb|Encyclopædia Dramatica once again breaking its balls to 1up Wikipedia.]]
[[Image:Allthegoodnames.JPG|thumb|135px|All the good names are taken...]]
[[Image:Wikipedia article Lucas 2.5.png|right|thumb|Articles about [[memes]] aren't allowed, but things like this are???]]
{{quote|If I told you [[I Has a Bucket|I had a bucket]] and showed you the bucket, would you ask for a newspaper article to prove I had a bucket?|[[bucket Seal|]] (talk) 12:53, 23 May 2008 (UTC)}}{{quote|Yes. Yes, we would. That's the way it works on Wikipedia.|Jew (talk · contribs) 12:57, 23 May 2008 (UTC)}}
Currently Wikipedia contains [[over 9000|4.8 million]] [[English]] articles, 4.8 million of which are [[Plagiarism|plagiarized]] from [[ED]], [[Britain|Encyclopedia Britannica]], or [[Futa]] sites. After edits from various [[moderator|admins, editors,]] [[trolls]] and [[vandals]], only 343 articles remain at least 50% factually accurate. This leaves Wikipedia on an academic par with "[[Star Wars]]: Incredible Cross-Sections: The Ultimate Guide to Star Wars Vehicles and Spacecraft" and "My First Book of Animals from A to Z". All reputable universities and high schools have permabanned the use of Wikipedia in academic citations.
Wikipedia has a policy that all articles in it needs a [[NPOV|neutral point of view]], but in reality it is a doublespeak that basically means "Write in a pro-[[communist]], pro-[[Israel]], pro-[[Liberalism]] view", which is the exact reverse of neutrality. No wonder all the [[SJW]]s, Jewish Activists and [[Narcissist]] power maniacs are attracted to it.
Wikipedia has a concept called WikiLove and has a policy of "[[Ass|ass-u-me]] good faith" amongst its contributors. This is a vital policy because there is no good faith among any of [[Wikipedos]], so it is necessary to at least pretend that the other guy isn't out there to be an asshole.
Wikipedia's new March 2007 rules demand that an administrator proves he has a higher (PhD) degree if he [http://www.nytimes.com/2007/03/12/technology/12wiki.html claims] he has one. So far that [[bullshit]] [[lie]] to the public has not been enforced.
Wikipedia has very weak armor and only a level 3 shield. Thus, they are open to a flanking attack from pretty much anybody. And since they have about eighty updates per second, it's easy for a small but fatally incorrect change to slip through unnoticed. Also, Wikipedia is quite prone to [[hivemind]], since everybody wants to be an [[admin]], and disagreeing with Wikipedia admins is an easy way to not become one.
The [[administrators]] of Wikipedia are generally open-source advocates and therefore tend to have no knowledge of how to run a successful website. They are constantly arguing with each other over how often the [[GNAA]] Wikipedia article should be nominated for [[VFD|Articles for Deletion]] section, disregarding the [[Wikipedia Policies and Guidelines]] which prevent multiple attempts. They delete the important sites, but keep the [[bullshit]]. Like: [[Wikipedia:Fart_lighting|Fart lighting]].
Actually, the only thing in which Wikipedia [[fap|beats]] [[ED]] in is a higher percentage of [[vandal]] users. For a prime example, see: [[Sceptre]].
Contributors to Wikipedia are not valued. Bimbo Wales has said that editing is a privilege, so you are not really donating your time by editing articles. Most contributions (images, text, etc.) are actually [[deleted]], and the users with the most power ([[Administrators]], Bureaucrats, etc.) contribute the least content to the site. The site is so [[shitty]] that it is pointless to try to improve it. The best way to fix it would be to just delete it and start over.
{{squote|Wikipedia is a stalking mill designed to stroke the egos of social reprobates and other fringe groups who don't belong in [[normal]] society. The people who are there long term and essentially live there for the most part fit the profiles of true sociopaths.
[[Jimbo Wales|Wales]] developed a great gaming system on Wikipedia which he uses to attract the dregs of society -- people who don't have lives are who aspire to be "famous and great" are [h]is marks and he's come up with a rat maze to lure in the stupid, lonely, and ignorant.
I've been famous and in the public eye for what now -- 15 years? I have to say, power, fame, and attribution are overrated. There's a simple wisdom is simply accepting who you are and being happy about it. None of the psychos on Wikipedia seem happy, it's a perpetual [[war]] zone and highly competitive. But what eludes all of them is the [[cheese]] at the end of the maze -- there is none -- just the smell of cheese.
Wales and his cronies just [[whore]] all of these idiots through their "Wikigame" (The site is an online gaming system essentially -- see who can get to the end as an "[[Admin]]" or "Arbitor"). Wikimedia then cashes in on everyone's hard work.
When was the last time Wales took one of his admins to get a massage in a russian house of ill repute on Wikimedia's dime? But HE DOES.
Bottom line, its a bunch of morons being used to run his business for free, while his cronies back at the Wikimedia offices cash in on everyones hard work and pay themselves 300K+ salaries per year,{{citation needed | date= July 2013}} divert and misappropriate the funds and live the good life by living in fancy hotels and eating fancy meals while the rest of the stupid schmucks live in their mom's basement or their trailer parks in New Jersey and Alabama while Wales and his cronies cash in on YOUR HARD WORK.
It's got to be the second biggest scam after [[Linux]] development. Linus Torvalds has a similar model. Let people "contribute" so they feel good about themselves, while the project and site owners rake in the [[$]][[$]][[$]].|[http://blogs.dallasobserver.com/unfairpark/2009/05/catherine_crier_takes_a_dallas.php Jeff Merkey]}}
[[Image:Wikipedia-oxymoron-example.png|thumb|left|Example of self-perceived reliability at Wikipedia.]]
[[Image:Wikipedia atomic bomb bias.jpg|thumb|right|The good people of wikipedia handle history's most complicated issues with an opened mind and detached objectivism.]]
<center><youtube>kFBDn5PiL00</youtube><br />'''Michael Scott On Wikipedia'''</center>
In 2007, a variety of scandals began to surface from within Wikipedia. Mainstream news organizations began to openly discuss the common public perception that Wikipedia is "unreliable." In a sophisticated experiment, it was demonstrated googling "Wikipedia" and "unreliable" generated more than 502,000 "hits". In contrast, a similar search using "Encyclopedia Dramatica" and "unreliable" generated barely more than 300 "hits", with most of these being self-deprecating jokes of humility from Encyclopedia Dramatica editors. Thus, it was scientifically proven that Wikipedia is much, much more unreliable (see graphic). Anyone in the world can edit Wikipedia, which means you know you are getting information from the best source possible.
==Recent Changes Patrolling (RC Patrolling)==
[[Image:Paranoid.jpg|thumb|The average recent change patroller is infected by the [[Unwarranted Self-Importance|USI]]-virus.]]
Why the fuck would anyone want to patrol for recent changes? The articles are usually dull. Patrolling edits on Wikipedia is [[boring]] as hell. The only reason is to [[troll]]. Cuckolded administrators delete everything believing they are cyber judges (though [[IRL]] judges at least pretend to follow a set of rules) after their wives have refused to touch their cocks. (Just kidding, 80% of the fat little bastards aren't married and never will be. Lol.) If you actually attempt to post facts on Wikipedia and an RC patroller doesn't like it, they will use any sort of retarded excuses to revert or just call it vandalism. Failing this, they will attempt to make your argument invalid through the power of [[some argue]].
RC Patrollers usually use scripts to search for specific things. They're actually very bad at catching vandalism in articles ([[Wikipedia:w/index.php?title=MONGO&diff=prev&oldid=67472921|this one]] went unnoticed for 17 days and [http://wikipediareview.com/index.php?showtopic=9466 this] went unnoticed for ''two'' years!), but very effective at finding anyone criticizing admins in talk pages where such criticism is reverted and the person banned forever. Real vandalism lingers and festers until years later, that account pisses an admin off - and it is only through [[wikistalking]] that [[Pedobear|Wikipedophiles]] are able to find [[vandalism]] at all.
Some RC Patrollers are also huge [[hypocrite]]s because they are also vandals. These [[fake editors]] include Konstable and [[Blu Aardvark]].
''See also: [[Wikipedia Admin Gallery]]''
[[Image:Wikimania stallman keynote2.jpg|thumb|left|[[RMS]] loves Wikipedia. No other commentary is needed.]]
[[Wikipedophile]]s, especially [[sysops]] and recent patrollers, share a hivemind. They all think alike, act alike, and no matter how abusive a member of the hivemind is, they always support it. Those of the hivemind look like they are [[sock puppet]]s, but they actually communicate telepathically.
In 2005, like a colony of bees, the hivemind recognized that those outside the collective had their own individuality. Now they are a complete collective consciousness like the Borg and no longer believe identity exists outside the collective. To them, everyone is fake, an illusion; an actor who has no thoughts, emotions, viewpoints, etc. and must be eliminated/assimilated and until then they do it is viewed as [[trolling]]. Any expression of individuality is [[banned]] as trolling or, to use a common wikipodadminism, "disruption." See: [[Don't feed the trolls]] and [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Don't_Feed_the Divas#How_to_deal_with_a_Wikipedia_Diva|Don't Feed the Divas]], especially the last sentence, which crushes what little self-esteem you may have:
<center>''"In some cases, the diva will stay retired, '''but the loss will be quickly filled by other editors who are not so high maintenance; editors for whom the goal is not self promotion and validation, but rather improvement of the project."'''''</center>
The hivemind extends outside Wikipedia as well, on those rare occasions that an admin strays onto another forum. A good way to start a [[flamewar]] with them is to hint, suggest, joke, outright state or otherwise insinuate that Wikipedia is anything less than the greatest academic achievement since the library of Alexandria.
Thus, because of the Hivemind, Wikipedia has immunized itself against any criticism. Of course, the corollary to this immunity, according to themselves, is because so many people are part of it, it can't be controlled. Due to the amount of participants, real criticism will come from inside. Yeah, that'll happen. Criticize the Hivemind at your own peril, because the Hivemind controls the power to delete your edits, to ban you, and to railroad you from social advancement (as [[SlimVirgin]] did to Gracenotes).
*When ED criticized Wikipedia, ED was site-banned in their [[Wikipedia:MediaWiki:Spam-blacklist|"spam" blacklist]].
*When Wikipedia Review criticized Wikipedia, the Monkey-Fucker Cabal removed all links under some kind of definition of "no personal attacks".
*Wikipediocracy published [http://wikipediocracy.com/2013/02/26/russavia-is-scott-bibby-is-russiansafetycards/ a blog entry] about how [http://www.roger-pearse.com/weblog/2013/03/12/dishonesty-at-wikipedia-they-dont-like-it-up-em-sir/ fucked-up] Wikipedia is, and was [[Wikipedia:w/index.php?title=MediaWiki%3ASpam-blacklist&diff=543691461&oldid=542603600|stuck on the "spam blacklist"]].
*"Real newspapers" like ''The Register'' criticize them, and the chant goes out "[http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikien-l/2007-July/077064.html Ban them, ban them, ban them...]"
*Watch out ''New York Times'', [http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/01/magazine/01WIKIPEDIA-t.html you're next].
==The Asperger Cancer==
[[Image:Anders-behring-breivik_bawwww2.jpg|thumb|[[Anders Breivik]] has an edit reverted. ([http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/norway/9209392/Anders-Behring-Breivik-my-tears-were-for-Norway.html 2012])]]
Any observant new user to Wikipedia will soon ask themselves "What's with all the running 'lists' of inane bullshit? I don't need to see a list of Russian deep fat fryer models built in 1963. Why are the administrators social misfits with little sense of wisdom or good judgement? Does Jimbo know of this [[faggotry]]?" The answer to both questions is that Wikipedia attracts [[Asperger]] zombies like flies to [[shit]].
These basement dwelling [[virgins]] have alienated millions of [[normal]] people from Wikipedia. They take out their [[asperger]] [[rage]] for their hundreds of school yard beatdowns and permanent sexual isolation on the rest of us. It is believed that many of these [[faggot]]s ''cannot even talk'' in real life. Jimbo can't stand these robots, but their problems are harnessed by Wikipedia as unpaid labor, which makes the [[profit]] for his [[hookers and blow]].
[[Asperger]] [[zombies]] are relatively easy to spot. They will be:
*[[White]], and male.
*Have their photo on their user page. Asptards have little sense of what is socially appropriate, and don't realize how [[Wikipedia:User:H2g2bob|they come across]]. They mainly have [[Wikipedia:User:J.delanoy|blank, asperger stares. This perma-virgin actually has a picture of himself with Jimbo]].
*Their user page will be covered in checklists, "to do" tables, programming code, personal details, and generally look like a spreadsheet. Look at [[Wikipedia:w/index.php?title=User:MBisanz&oldid=338235254|this]] fucknut's older page version, before he knew ED was looking and had found the ''"I fuck on the first date kid"'' all grown up (scroll down).
*Sometimes, those on the asperger/autism spectrum will openly declare their problem. "[[Wikipedia:User:Rainbowofpeace|Rainbowofpeace]]", who obsessively edits articles about discrimination, helpfully tells us how he is an autistic gay Jew with ADHD. That's a high score on the ''[[Tumblr|Oppression olympics]]''!
*Favorite subjects include [[men's rights]], which were fought over constantly on TOW from its early days, and [[GamerGate]]. Because real human females won't talk to Cheeto-gobbling pimply 300-pound fans of Tolkien and [[My Little Pony]].
| border-c = #00000f
| id      = HIV
| id-c    = #000000
| id-fc    = #ffffff
| id-s    = 13
| info    = '''This user has<br />[[Asperger syndrome|<span style="color:#add8e6;">Asperger syndrome</span>]].
| info-c  = #808080
==Easy [[eBay]] Profits: Admin Farms==
[[Image:Damn furries wikipedia.jpg|thumb|410px|right|A [[wikipedophile]] put this up on Jimbo Wales's talk page to complain about [[admin abuse]] by [[furries]] in kangaroo suits (look nearly real, don't they?). Jimbo avoided the discussion with a [[banhammer|banning]].]]
While shouting "op me" is an easy way to become an op on IRC, in Wikipedia it takes a little more work (but only a little more). The purpose of becoming an admin is to sell your account on eBay. ([http://wikipediareview.com/lofiversion/index.php?t204.html 2006])
#Make a new account using dial-up or AOL, not proxies. These are the easiest ways to sock puppet and still use your other accounts for things like removing inaccuracies from Wikipedia.
#Create a user page so you look legit. The easy way is to fill it with [[userboxes]] until it looks like ribbons on a third-world military dictator. If you just copy somebody else's userpage, you will get caught. Then write up a fake bio that says, "Hi I'm only 12 and want to be an admin some day." Most admins on Wikipedia are too young to grow pubes, so you have to be in their age group. They never vote for anyone old enough to date.
#Don't question anything. Behave like a robot. Get one of those anti-vandal scripts and have it auto-revert while you sleep. Always revert: (1) Someone who reverts an admin—if you're lucky you'll occasionally beat somebody else to this (2) IP address users—because these are all vandals and sockpuppets (3) New contributors—because they don't understand Wikipedia (4) Anyone who has ever been banned before, even for an hour, because they're permanently shitlisted. Now don't worry about wrongly reverting any of these people, it happens all the time. Just say it was a mistake. No one in charge likes these people anyway. Learn the abbreviations for policy pages like WP:NPOV and WP:NOT and use them in your edit summaries. Nobody will care whether your usage makes sense. On talk pages, if someone asks a question, tell them that their statement is original research, speculation, and that Wikipedia is not a forum. Act like it is serious business.
#After a few hundred fake edits, go to the [[VFD|articles for deletion]] every day.
#Next, go to votes for adminship; always vote to support, so those people will vote to support you. This should be obvious. Admins like people who support admins and hate those who are critical of admins.
#When you reach 4,000 edits, go to ''requests for adminship'' and nominate yourself: Poof! you're an admin!!!
#Then go to eBay and auction it. Make sure the reserve price is over $1,000 so you don't sell it cheap.
#Until the auction ends, don't just do nothing or they'll know it's an eBay sale. Use the account for things like POV-pushing, banning any of the four shitlisted types you used to only revert (by any, I mean every user you can find). But if you're too busy, just find someone complaining about admins and ban them forever and lock their talk page; actually you have to do this at least once every day, or else somebody will think the admin account was hacked.
'''If you want to keep your account and not sell it:'''
#Get a life.
#If that fails, do the most respected admin activity, encourage vandalism. Vandalism is the only way you can justify your job. If there weren't so many vandals, there would be 4 admins. So get your script out and just ban randomly. Be sure to lock the user's talk page. If you see the user come back on, hide what they write and explain that they are a "sockpuppeting troll", ban them forever, and lock their talk page.
#Don't bother fighting vandals now. You've got the equivalent of a government job: you can't get fired, only transferred. Become a copycat of Willy on Wheels and you'll only get a new account.
'''Fun activities to do as admin:'''
#Mess with the [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:MediaWiki_namespace|MediaWiki namespace]].
#Ban other admins for [[lulz]].
#Replace Wikipedia articles with ED ones. It improves accuracy.
#Unban all the [[Willy on Wheels]] accounts. Or just clear the entire ban list.
#[[Goatse]] the Main Page.
[[Image:Yourmission.jpg|frame|When dealing with [[Willy on Wheels]], it is [[Wikipedia Policies and Guidelines|Wikipedia policy]] to take it seriously.]]
All over [[teh internets]], people complain about the bad things of Wikipedia; that they're all child molesters, Homeland Security agents, Zionist propagandists, furries, Jimbo Wales' alter ego is [[GreenRaeper]] (founder of [[WikiFur]]), how official policy permits admin abuse "[[is not a bug, it's a feature]]", and that there are news articles constantly on how they make [[snuff]] films with young boys. But nobody notices the heroes of the site:
*[[The Colbert Report|Stephen Colbert]].
*[[Don Murphy]]
*[[Willy on Wheels]]
*Señor Pelican Shit - /b/rave soldier who researched and documented [[Pelican Shit]] to a new level, a serious concern still affecting Wikipedia.
*Autofellatio Professor - Helped many people [[wikipedia:Commons:File:Autofellatio_2.jpg|Autofellatio_2.jpg]].
*[[Publicgirluk]] uploaded some pictures of herself to illustrate relevant articles and got called a troll by the master [[wikipedo]] wealthy pornographer for her trouble.
*THE MOTHERFUCKING JUGGERNAUT BITCH!! reputed for massive AOL autoblocks.
*[[Blu Aardvark|Jew Aardvark]] Wikipedia Jews masturbate to his photos.
*Squidward, the fastest vandal west of the Mississippi, known for harvesting more open [[proxies]], creatin more sockpuppets than Bomis has porn. He is king gypsy who lives in [[Chicago]] by the lake. He hates Antandrus, Avraham & others [http://antandrus.tripod.com/ as proved by his crappy website (lol down)]. The Wikipedia Jews are always on the lookout to raep him. Slap that foreskin, homes.
*[[:Wikipedia:User:Hephaestos|Mike Garcia]] - high class of vandalism since 2003 (get a life!) <blockquote>''"He is currently one of Wikipedia's most promising vandals. He appears to be persistent, creative, and knows to vandalize pages that will be seen by many people. One day, he may even be considered in a class along with the great Willy on Wheels, but he will need to "diversify" his vandalism before this can happen. Almost all of his vandalism has been to the English Wikipedia; a good piece of advice to him would be to start attacking admins' user pages on some of the foreign language Wikis. His recent vandalism of the [[Wookieepedia]] shows that he has begun this diversification process already. Mike, you possess a great deal of talent; the sky's the limit for you!"''</blockquote>
*[[Cplot]]--500 [[sockpuppets]] and counting, clowns!
*[[Professor Tim Pierce]] teaches his students how to make the most of a wiki.
*Wikipedia Is [[Communism]].
*That guy who wrote [[Hyldenism]].
*Avril Troll
*Anybody who has earned a spot on [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:List of banned users]]. (Note that the top list expose the wrath actions from the King himself, to spread fear among vassals)
*Undercover users from here, allied sites.
*[[Encyclopedia Dramatica]]
*[[Anonymous]] member of [[ArbCom]] who [http://wikipediocracy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2832 whipped Wikipediocracy into a fury] when he ''"tried to hack into the site"'' by means of [http://wikipediocracy.com:2082/ following] a [https://my.bluehost.com/cgi/account/cpanel redirect] from his control panel to the site's host where he asked for the domain [https://my.bluehost.com/cgi/forgot password to be reset]. They were thinking about calling the FBI!
==Wikipedia IRC==
The Wikipedia [[IRC]] chat is a fun place to watch [[Wikipedophile]]s discuss criticism of the project while banning the critics, although a more likely discussion will involve eating Christian babies, banning other users to get their rocks off. A fun way to troll Wikipedia IRC channels is to announce that you are logging the channel. For some reason, Wikimediots raise strong objections to the [[GNAA|publication of chat logs]], so be sure to do it often. Just like [[Daniel Brandt]].
And whatever you do, <font color="red">DO NOT LAUGH AT ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA</font>.
===Lulzy IRC===
<Slowking_Man> DCC SEND exploit = kline
<-- Slowking_Man has quit (Killed by Rez (This connection has violated network policy.))
<-- WikiTeke has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
<-- CXI has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
<-- CakeProphet has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
<-- Poore5 has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
====The only thing remotely funny ever from #wikipedia====
<pre><VegaDark> what's that one disorder called when a person looks like a kid all their life
<mavhk> VegaDark: infant death
===Notable Wikipedos===
*[[Ironholds]], former WP:IRC rockstar, now desysopped for [[Wikipedia:w/index.php?title=Human_penis_size&diff=prev&oldid=46470687|vandalism]] and for bringing the project into disrepute with such quotes as:
{{quote|[19:58] <Ironholds> You should however have instead taken your pen, punched a hole in her windpipe and looked on as her attempts to wave for help got increasingly feeble.}}
*[[ArbCom|GorillaWarfare]], one of his galpals
*[[Fluffernutter]], famous for her sexchats with Ironholds:
{{quote|<nowiki>19:59:11 < Fluff|laptop> you'd think he'd have figured hiow to slap asses by now, but nooo</nowiki><br>
19:59:51 < tyw7> why is he slapping your ass?<br>
20:00:00 < Ironholds> tyw7: we're fucking<br>
<nowiki>20:00:02 < Fluff|laptop> why not? we DID say we're bored</nowiki>}}
*[[AmericanDad86]], known for fighting everyone and being [[Gay|flamboyant]].
*See [[Bureaucratic Fucks]] for moar.
==What Wikipedia is Not==
Articles in Wikipedia are often deleted with a clever and witty message attached. These "joke deletions" are a fun activity that users play towards each other- whomever writes the cleverest message gets to delete someone else's article, and the author of said article checks up on it only to find it removed, and promptly dies in various fits of laughter. [[Bureaucratic_Fuck#Uncle_G|Uncle G]], a particularly annoying [[Bureaucratic fuck|admin]], invented these colloquial sayings, known as "isnotisms", [[at least 100 years ago|at least 100 days ago]], which are presented in the following format:
*Wikipedia is not [[Wikitruth]]!
*Wikipedia is not Wiccapedia.
*Wikipedia is not about the size but how you use it.
*Wikipedia is not a fracking image repository (this is of course a lie; check Commons and Wikigraphy).
*Wikipedia is not a place for master debaters but has lots of hot pics for 12-y.o. masturbators.
*Wikipedia is not a dating service, unless you're NathanR, Snopake, Phaedriel, etc.
*Wikipedia is not [[Uncyclopedia]], but it does pwn Uncyclopedia.
*Wikipedia is not headed by little green men but by a man with a little green dick.
*Wikipedia is not a land of milk and honey.
*Wikipedia is not part of a balanced breakfast.
*Wikipedia is not an episode of Law and Order.
*Wikipedia is not a valid reference material.
*Wikipedia is not a [[Boytaur]] but has attracted many gender-confused men.
*Wikipedia is not a place for happy people.
*Wikipedia is not above plagiarizing the crap out of everything.
*Wikipedia is in no way wacky pedophilia.
*Wikipedia is not man's best friend.
*Wikipedia is not involved in the Kennedy cover-up (yeah, sure...).
*Wikipedia is not an international crisis, but they like to think they are.
*Wikipedia is not what I put on my toast.
*Wikipedia is not able to endorse domestic violence.
*Wikipedia is not 1337. Not in the least.
*Wikipedia is not to be used under the influence of alcohol.
*Wikipedia is not as tasty as sushi.
*Wikipedia is not vandal resistant.
*Wikipedia is not suitable for minors.
*Wikipedia is not as hot as [[Lunajack|Luna Lovegood]].
*Wikipedia is not a spell-checker but thinks it is.
*Wikipedia did not inhale.
*Wikipedia is not your personal army.
*Wikipedia is not the answer.
*Wikipedia is not dead nigger storage.
*Wikipedia canNOT hold Grawp's GIANT dick
*Wikipedia is not a big truck. (But it IS a series of tubes.)
*Wikipedia is not an American Civil War reenactment.
*Wikipedia is not a feminist conspiracy (due to there being no women)
*Wikipedia is not Wikipedia!.
Tellingly, obsessive listmaking is one of the most reliable symptoms of [[Asperger's syndrome]].
<center>{{fv|Wikipedia|background-color:#ffffff;|font-weight: bold;|<center>'''Meet the Professor'''</center><br /><youtube>eaADQTeZRCY</youtube>|<center>''''Some nerd listening to the longest personal name evar'''</center><br /><youtube>_RTirBSmg0I</youtube>|<youtube>20PlHx_JjEo</youtube>|<center>'''Jewish Internet Defense Force and how to edit Wikipedia'''</center><br /><youtube>7dGJDJoeAok</youtube>}}</center>
[[Image:Howtobanappeal.png|thumb|{{Unblock}<nowiki>}</nowiki> hard at work.]]
This is template you use to ask to be unblocked. After you've been blocked for no reason, you swallow your pride and ask that someone undo it. You then wait for an hour until some 15-year-old denies your request without even looking at it. Sometimes, if you insist arguing, they will block you as well from editing your user talk page, without banning you, for their own private [[wikipedo]] "[[lulz]]". At that point you can only appeal the block by email (which they will probably ignore as the jerks full of themselves they are) which can/will eventually be blocked as well.
If you get banned by an admin don't even bother using this because no matter how well-reasoned the <nowiki>{{unblock}}</nowiki> request, it always gets declined. Like [[Wikipedia:w/index.php?title=User_talk:|this one]]: ''"HOW DARE YOU CALL ME A TROLL M0RESCHI YOU STUPID BASTARD! AFTER WHAT YOU FUCKING DID YOU DESERVE TO BE SHOT!"'' Clearly the person has proven their point, but the [[bureaucratic fuck|bureaucratic fucks]] are immune to reason or logic. If your request is declined, you may get a lame reason.
Whenever you edit on Tor and the node is blocked, always put an unblock message on that IP claiming it's no longer Tor. Sometimes they even get fooled. Admin said, "First time I've seen such a request where the user was telling the [[truth]]."
===Zaiger's Epic <nowiki>{{Unblock}}</nowiki> Request===
For absolutely no good reason, ED's own [[User:Zaiger|Zaiger]] was given [[ban|life with no parole in Ban L&]] by the ban-happy cockz at Wikipedia.
{{quote|You have been blocked indefinitely from editing for abuse of editing privileges|Lies}}
In one last fighting breath, Zaiger submitted an appeal using the <nowiki>{{Unblock}}</nowiki> template to try and parole out, but to no avail.
{{quote|What I see here is you trying to blame someone else for your own problems.
...that doesn't mean that you are automatically pardoned for your own bad behavior.|Wikidouches}}
It is completely unacceptable that Zaiger may suffer this blatant injustice. Feel free to <s>petition the Wikipedia staff until he's unbanned</s> troll the crap out of them as you please.
[[Image:Wikipedia1984.gif|thumb|A satirical GIF that <span class="plainlinks">[https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special%3ALog&page=File%3AWhambo_in_%2784.gif was censored by Commons' kindness brigade]. "Porn = Good. Satire = Bad."</span>]]
So great is the amount of porn on Wikipedia it (almost) rivals [[ED]] - a [[fact]] made all the more pathetic by the fact ED is made by and for [[basement-dwellers]] and those with a disgusting sense of humour whereas Wikipedia is genuinely trying to educate people. Here is a list of the very full articles dedicating to proving that sad fact:
*<big>[[Wikipedia Porn]]</big>
*<big>[[Wikipedia's Greatest Hits Sex]]</big>
*<big>[[Virgin Killer]]</big> For all you Loli-lovers.
==Wikipedia's Content Vs. Encyclopedia Dramatica's Content==
*Wikipedia relies on verifiability, not truth. ED relies on the lulz, and baseless jokes don't make good satire.
*Wikipedia does not rely on primary sources, and hates academic sources. ED would post a photo from your high school yearbook if it's lulzy enough.
*Activists use Wikipedia to skew articles to try to get [[NORP]] sympathy. ED shits on everyone for the sake of cheap jokes.
*Wikipedos will argue by throwing around abbreviations. EDiots will laugh at you and mock your argument.
*Wikipedia lets shitposters like [[Ryulong]] run rampant. ED has no problem telling its own [[Girlvinyl|founder]] to fuck off.
*Wikipedia is almost always online. ED goes down every other day or some shit.
This section needs no witty dick jokes. Wikipedia is a giant punchline.
Generally speaking, Wikipedia is the compendium of all human knowledge, both true and false. Except of course where groups (i.e. [[Furluminati]], [[The Wikipedia Jews]]) go around turning arrays of articles into propaganda and bullshit.
*"Welcome to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit." - Wikipedia front page.
*"[Wikipedia] is not a place where people have the inherent right to edit" - Jimbo Wales, October 29, 2007. ([[Wikipedia:w/index.php?title=Wikipedia:Administrators%27_noticeboard/Incidents/My_desysop_of_Zscout370&oldid=168329048#Public_apology|Source]])
== Facts ==
*Only [[Retard|someone with Down syndrome]] can take seriously Wikipedia.
== Jokes ==
{{cg|Wikipedia|wikigallery|center|<gallery perrow="5">
Image:Wikipediababy.jpg|Some people never learn.
Image:George bush bdi.jpg|If wikipedia says so...
Image:Barack obama ns.jpg|Wikipedia is [[racist]]!
Image:Brokenwikipedia.JPG|breaking the format is always fun.
Image:Wikipedia Spanking.jpeg|Typical Wikipedia Articles
</gallery>|<gallery perrow="5">
Image:SillyWikipedo.jpg|Sometimes it doesn't need to be vandalized.
Image:Typicalwikipedia.jpg|Another classic of pedantic [[Metzizah b’peh|pedophilic]] Jew-oriented gobbledygook
Image:Trolledwiki.PNG|An example of Wikipedia being trolled
Image:WWII_cite_source.png|Citation or it didn't happen.
Image:Whatusuallywikipedialookslike.jpg|What Wikipedia usually looks like.
Image:wikiblock.jpeg|Many ED users are familiar with this page.
Image:Wikifail.PNG|An example of Wikipedia's [[bullshit|superior intelligence]].
Image:wikipediacontent.jpg|Breakdown of Wikipedia content
Image:BNB rules.jpg|Standard Wikipedia policy
Image:Historian.png|Typical Wikipedia user. Note the [[unix beard]]
Image:Angelislulz.JPG|What happens when the Wiki main page isnt protected.....again.
Image:wikipediaattack.jpg|Proof that Wikipedia is full of [[Jews]] and [[Pedophiles]].
Image:Wikipe-tan sockpuppet show.png|[[Wikipe-tan]] is sooooooooo [[kawaii]] [[desu]]! [[^_^|^O^]]
Image:MarkOfAWitch.jpg|unfunny vandalism is not reverted
Image:Lulz_Wikipedia_Donation.JPG|[[Anonymous]] Japanese hit back at racist Wikipedia.
Image:TOW racism1.PNG|[[TOW]] demonstrating their strict gb2nigger policy.
Image:Wikipedia Return to The Kitchen.jpg
Image:Jimbo and Wikipe-tan.jpg| [[Jimbo Wales|Jimbo]] loves [[loli]].
Image:Iluvdrawing.jpg|Wikipedia [[retard|love the mentally challenged]].
Image:Wikipediavirusgames.jpg|[[Cat girl]] [[wikipedos]] invade [[World of Warcraft|MMOs]]! next they e-[[rape]] kidz!
Image:Ned Scott Wikipedia professionalism.png|A genuine beacon of [[e-penis|professionalism]]. Unless you're a [[fucktard|holier-than-thou pretentious asshole]], i.e. 99.9994% of all Wikipedian regulars.
Image:Stfuned.jpg|Professionalism thrown back.
Image:TOW_Motivational_Poster.jpg|'''TOW's''' Mission Statement.
Image:Wikijudaism.png|Revered the world over as an accurate, objective source of knowledge.
Image:Wikipedia_admin.jpg|Good for a [[banhammer|perma-ban]] anytime!
Image:YouHaveTwoCowsWikipediaStyle.jpg|Proof that [[Wikipedos]] are drawhores.
Image:Egg.jpg|This is your brain on Wikipedia
Image:Blocked per Linda Mack.JPG|Say the magic words and it's banhammer time!
Image:DocWPNOR.jpg|You're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.
File:Wikipedialiberals.jpg|Wikipedia has a leftist bias.
Image:Wikipron.jpg|The hottest pron on Wikipedia!
Image:Comparison.jpg|Reliability comparison.
Image:Hodgemanssf.jpg|The book version of TOW, in addition to being the best thing ever.
Image:Chucknorrisgg1.jpg|Epic Edit!
Image:wikitalklulz.JPG|Editing often leads to sensible discussion on TOW.
Image:Evenwikisays.jpg|Pool's Closed, it are a fact. I read it on Wiki.
Image:Wikirule.gif|Masters of their domain.
Image:Barnstarwikip.jpg|Some wikipedia users will do anything for a barnstar.
Image:TOW_originality.JPG|TOW [[divide by zero|implodes on its intellectual property]]
Image:4chanwiki.jpg|Acknowledged by the WikiJews
File:Suckmycock.jpg|Wikipedia sucks cocks
Image:Poundcake.jpg|Wikipedia style guide for esoteric topics
Image:Wiki-Pedos.PNG|Proof that Wikipedia is ran by Paedophiles
Image:Username removed.gif|[[Grawp]], whose username is removed, and then the "username removed" label is struck out for extra effectiveness.
Image:Wikilulz.png|Wikipedia at its best.
Image:Just like wikipedia.jpg|Just like Wikipedia, only 2 out of every 40 "women" are actually female.
Image:EditBragg.jpg|Now [[you]] can make shit up about Pulitzer Prize winning writers - who also make shit up!
Image:BarrackGoebells.JPG|The new president is a black nazi!!!
Image:Cumshotbush.JPG|YES, THATS A CUMSHOT!
Image:Putin.jpg|The russian President
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==See also==
*[[The Hidden Wiki]]
*[[Arbitration Committee]]
*[[WP:You have no rights]]
*[[ED vs TOW]]
*[[Edit war]]
*[[Corruption|Global system]]
*[[Hack|What nobody has done for no reason]]
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*'''[[Science Apologist]]''' - sworn enemy of [[Davkal]]. Occasionally masturbates to [[science|physics textbooks]].
*'''[[Davkal]]''' - sworn enemy of [[Science Apologist]]. Believes aliens and ghosts control the [[Government]].
==External Links==
*[[File:WPFavicon.png|link=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page]] <span class="plainlinks"><b>[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page Wikipedia.org]</b></span>
*[[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Facebook|The Faces of Wikipedia users]] (98 percent men, 2 percent squirrels)
*[[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Administrators%27_noticeboard/Incidents|TOW Admin Noticeboard]]: Your front-row seat at the freak show
*[http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2010/06/25/exclusive-pedophiles-find-home-on-wikipedia/ WIKIPEDIA IS THE #1 SOURCE FOR ALL THE PEDOS, PEDO ACTIVITIES CHILD REARIN PHD COURSES!!!]
*[http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Requests_for_comment/Remove_Founder_flag jimbo wales gives up administratorship, BECOMES SLAVE TO HIS SLAVES!!!]
*[http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/03/31/wikia_search_dies/ POOR King Jewbo gets no JET!!!]
*[http://www.nytimes.com/2007/02/21/education/21wikipedia.html ALL Universities, colleges, schools ban wikipedia]
*[http://www.wikipediareview.com The Wikipedia Review] Anti-Wikipedia message board, nearly died in 2012
*[http://wikipediocracy.com Wikipediocracy] &ndash; The primary Wikipedia criticism website at present. Like it or suck it.
*[http://www.aetherometry.com/antiwikipedia/awp_index.html Wikipedia: A Techno-Cult of Ignorance]
*[http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/10/18/wikipedia_quality_problem/page2.html Another “flattering” review] for Wikipedia
*[http://www.theonion.com/articles/wikipedia-celebrates-750-years-of-american-indepen,2007/ "Wikipedia Celebrates 750 Years Of American Independence", from The Onion]
*[http://neilclark66.blogspot.com/2007/12/stranger-than-fiction-wikipedia.html Stranger than Fiction: A Wikipedia Conspiracy] (the true story of [[SlimVirgin]])
*[[Wikipedia:Template:Smile|Send a wiki pedo-smile]]
*[[commons:wikimedia:Category:Yiff|this is amongst some of the things wikiphiles fap to]]
*[http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/wikipedia-editor-has-made-some-47000-corrections-to-online-database-10024355.html?icn=puff-9 Meet the 'pedo who has made 47,000 minor edits, all of which correct the same grammatical error. He insists he has 'a life']
*{{archive|http://www.wikipedia-watch.org/*|Wikipedia Watch}} - Daniel Brandt's true criticisms!!!
*[http://venturebeat.com/2010/05/16/wikipedia-founder-gives-up-control-of-site-over-fox-news-kiddie-porn-scandal/ jimbo wales gives up administratorship, BECOMES SLAVE TO HIS SLAVES!!!]
*{{archive|StgP8|12 surprisingly controversial Wikipedia pages}}
*{{archive|DDjKo|A Criticism of the Wikipedia}} a critical examination of Wikipedia by a [[Ban|former user]] Lir
{{timeline|Featured article September 22 & 23, [[2012]]|[[Bill O'Reilly]]|{{PAGENAME}}|[[Adventure Time]]}}
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